Walking Even Feed Quilting Presser Foot

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Add this POWERFUL PRESSER FOOT to your sewing collection!


What makes Walking Even Feed Quilting Presser Foot superior to any other low shank walking foot on the market? Quality, Durability, and 3 Interchangeable Soles to simplify specific sewing tasks. The all-metal frame and inner workings are also unique to Walking Even Feed Quilting Presser Foot, guaranteeing years of trouble-free use and more stability of the foot when sewing. 

The  Quilting Presser Foot is used for even feeding of fabric layers. Improving on the plastic teeth found on all other walking feet. The rubberized feed dog of The Quilting Presser Foot better grips the top layer of fabric to feed the top layer precisely as the machine feed dogs move the bottom layer, there´s no more shifting!


  • Made of zinc alloy, rust-resistant and durable for long time use.
  • The walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric for increased control
  • Walking foot is great for quilting and sewing when matching prints or plaids
  • Suitable for leather, suede, velvet, vinyl, satin and other fabrics that are hard to sew
  • Fast, easy, and professional tool to sewing thick fabric, multiple layers, slippery fabric, and plush fabric
  • Walking Even Feed Quilting Presser Foot is the screw-on foot, it fit for all low shank sewing machine 


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