Favoure™ Essential Oil

100% Natural Solution

It’s easy to improve one’s builds with the help of the modern technology. Exercise, cosmetic surgery, and beauty products are just some of the common ways to enhance one’s physical appearance.

But did you know that appearance isn’t the only thing that needs constant attention? The real challenge is improving and maintaining the brain. A healthy brain makes way for sharp cognitive skills, allowing us to think clearer, learn faster, remember more, solve problems easier, and make better life decisions.

Introducing Favoure™ — an easy and convenient solution to improve your cognitive health! Just use an oil diffuser or massage the essential oil onto your temples. It’s that simple!

The power of Favoure™

Favoure™ is made of 100% pure and natural sandalwood!

Sandalwood offers a variety of health benefits in the field of aromatherapy. Its element is proven to possess powerful stress-reducing and cognitive-enhancing properties in a number of preliminary studies.

Chemical-free and 100% natural, Favoure™ is guaranteed to be the solution that you need to improve your cognitive health!

Amazing Benefits

  • Instantly relieves stress, reduces depression, and       alleviates anxiety
  • Improves brain clarity, alertness, and function to make you think clearer, learn faster, and remember more.
  • Enhances concentration and emotional awareness.
  • Eases headaches, muscle tension, fever, insomnia, and even sinus infections.

How to Use

Directions For Use

1. By Topical Massage:

Put a few drops of the essential oil on your fingertips
Gradually massage onto your temples, wrists, or neck for a few minutes

2. By Diffusion:
Use 2 to 3 drops of the essential oil into a diffuser

*NOTE: It is highly recommended to use Favoure™ either early in the morning prior to work or school, after a long day’s work for relaxation, or prior to bedtime.

Users Who Have Experienced Real Results

  Before I ordered this Favoure™ essential oil, I looked up the benefits and possible side effects. I haven’t been using it long enough on myself to experience overall benefits but, I do feel like I have more brain energy and a decreased urge to feel stressed out throughout the day. I massage the oil on my temples in the morning and also when I am done for the day. Give it a try... I don’t think you will be disappointed! 

Isabelle Bright, CA

✔  Verified Purchase

 I decided to try this one oil since I lack focus on my work. I noticed that it helps boost my energy and concentration. Using a bit of this gives me a little push for my day to get started. I do recommend using it in the morning because it does help give your brain a kick-start for the day. It doesn't have any weird side effects, which I find a big plus! Overall, I love this product! 

Bernadine Sutton, NY

✔  Verified Purchase

  I use Favoure™ to boost my energy levels and to support a healthy lifestyle. The consistency good and it smells heavenly! If you are having a headache and stress-related issues, this product will help you. I’ve only been using it for three weeks. This is a great all-natural product for those who are looking to boost their mood, relieve stress, and enhance cognition.  

Korey Holden, va

✔  Verified Purchase

Favoure™ ESSENTIAL OIL 10ml

(One treatment needs 3 months. it is advised to complete at least one treatment to see the improvements.)

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