This Young AI Engineer PhD Graduate build an AI Smart Car at the young age of 22 

Published on  december 1st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Leah Aniston is a 22-year-old PhD holder and researcher that build Artificial Intelligence(AI) Smart Vehicle to continue her father's unfinished legacy. 

But not everything is as it seems…

At a young age, she went through a traumatic episode that would change her life forever...

Leah was born into a simple and lovely family. Her father was an automotive engineer that specialize in safety of vehicles and he spend whole life to research about the incorporate  artificial intelligence in vehicle.

But his dream could never come true... 

Traumatic Mark left on her life forever...

When Leah was 8, she involved in a car incident, that her parents' lives were taken forever.

"My parents died in front of me."

"They saved my life by shielding my body." 

- Leah

Being left alone she was raised by her grandmother the only remaining relative. But the worst have yet to pass to Leah...

Being involved in a traumatic incident and her parent death left a mark on her. 

Endless nightmares and terrifying flashbacks of that accident consumed her day by day and she couldn't concentrate at school and was hopelessly falling behind her peers.

"It was like the spark went out of Leah's eye. She just lost interest in life.

- Leah's grandma

One day, the school principal called Leah's grandma in to recommend home schooling for her because her PTSD flashbacks were disrupting her classmates and teachers. 

Leah's grandma refused to give up on her only granddaughter, she employed a learning specialist to tutor her and took her for counselling, art therapy and psychiatric with the hope that she could recover one day.

But despite all the effort Leah still can't seem to focus...

Soon, Leah's grandma struggled to pay off the mounting medical bills, she had no choice but to stop Leah's therapy sessions.

Until one fine day...

Until one day, Leah's grandma bring Leah to visit her old friend, Aunty Florence. Florence's house filled with the soothing smell of the essential oil and Leah changed instantly. 

“I was astonished! For the first time since the accident, Leah became a lot calmer.”

“It was like she was a renewed person.” - Leah's grandma

It turned out that it was Florence's handmade essential oil did the magic! Intrigued by the change, Leah's grandma asked for a bottle of that essential oil from Florence. 

Seeing as the scent helped Leah, Leah's grandma began to routinely massage on her temple with the essential oil.

Amazingly, Leah started showing signs of improvement. She stopped having nightmares, and could focus intensely in the class without having panic episodes.

Since that day, Leah carries the essential oil wherever she goes. In a few months, something extraordinary happened...

Her tutor was surprised by her learning progress. 

"She was like a sponge who could soak up everything.”

“You just have to teach her anything once and she will understand” - Tutor

She Made Her First Move and Got First Place

At this time, Leah began to develop a deep interest in math. Her profound ability in maths brought her to the stage of the International Mathematical Olympiad. 

At the young age of 12, she won first place competing with master's degrees. 

Shooting up to the top 0.01 percentile, she completed high school at 15!

Not long after, she was offered a full scholarship to study Artificial Intelligence at Mississippi State University (MSU) and completed her PhD in one year!

Right after that, she joined one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers - TESLA.

With the right team, Leah built an AI Smart Car for her father. 

Finally, her father's unfulfilled dream was fulfilled.

The secret behind

Amazed by Leah’s abilities, Dr. Russell Brain from the Neuroscience Department of MSU reached out to her. He had been spending years working to unlock the brain’s hidden potential.

Curious herself, Leah suspected her success could be something to do with Florence's handmade essential oil. She gave Dr. Russell a sample of the oil for further analysis in his laboratory.

It tested high in linalool found in a unique variety of bitter orange called Neroli from Southeast Asia.

"We found that a low level of certain neurotransmitters in the brain are associated with anxiety and poor cognitive performance." 

"And this linalool can help to increase those neurotransmiters in the brain."

“"The scent acts as a catalyst, triggering the olfactory bulbs in the nose which is linked to the cerebral cortex.”

“This improves concentration, memory retention and problem-solving.”

“And suppresses stress and anxiety hormones.”  - Dr. Russel

A Great Revelation

Dr. Russell tried to recreate the essential oil, and combined with a specially selected Citrus formula for a new creation.

He succeeded to produce a more potent essential oil with greater power of stress-neutralizing properties, resulting greater enhancement of the cognitive functions. 

“After our breakthrough findings I was surprised that it was the essential oil all along!"

"By using a new innovative distillation method called steam distillation,"

"We managed to concentrate its essence into a small condensed bottle.” 

- Dr Russel

He named it NeroBoost™

“NeroBoost™ is a natural and non-invasive way to enhance cognition and de-stress.”

“There are a number of ways to use this boosting formula.”

“You can diffuse the oil or apply it topically around your temple, neck area, or wrist for a more immediate effect.” 

“97.3% of our volunteers experienced better focus and sharpness during daily activities.” - Dr Russel

Here are what others are saying

“As a doctor being on call 24 hours, I was constantly on edge and burned out."

"Now that was all in the past, after trying NeroBoost™ I was able to finally feel relax when I take a nap or sleep."

"I usually just dripped it into a diffuser before laying down. It really puts my mind and body at ease like nothing else.” 

Sarah, Medical Officer

“As a PTSD patient, this scent saved my life. I used to not be able to concentrate for more than 10 minutes.”

“Now I am able to contain my anxiety and remain receptive.” 

- Alex, USA Veteran 

"It used to be restless nights. I thought there was no hope for me. Things are different after trying NeroBoost™. I can have a restful sleep now." 

- Jane, a depression fighter

Many people have been using NeroBoost™ to help them focus. Are you ready to try it too?

If you are, there are good news for you!

NeroBoost™ is offering up to 70% discount to raise PTSD and Dyslexia awareness.

“I know how it feels to be that kid."

“I used to have trouble focusing and studying, I hope this could help others too.” - Leah

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