"Island of Youth" is a mysterious island where the villagers seem to be frozen in time

Published on  december 31st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

These Manitoulin islanders are generally looking a lot younger than their actual age. Most of them are senior citizens in 80s and even 90s but none of them seem to exhibit any signs of aging.

Manitoulin may look like an ordinary Canada island but some medical researchers believe, this island has a long lost ancient wisdom that can preserve our youthful appearance.

Everyone who lives on that island has an extremely supple and youthful skin. So, what is the secret that prevent their skin from aging?

The Truth To Manitoulin

Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist with over 38 years of experience has been studying this ancient knowledge for almost a year.

"I couldn't believe my ears when I first found out the age of these villagers!"

"Everyone looks decades younger than their actual age."

"As if their appearance is preserved in time."

"I've NEVER seen such a great skin condition in my 38 years of professional life." - Dr. Dennis

The Precious Ingredient, Only Found In Manitoulin

She decided to approach the villagers to find out the answer. One of them is Maryna Harelnikava, a 97-year-old grandma. She looks half of her age.

Maryna is a farmer who works strenuously every day under the sun. Yet, no wrinkles or age spots are visible at her age.

"Here on Manitoulin, we are surrounded by rich and varied flora, especially Willow Tree. They are everywhere."

"People of Manitoulin believe the willow tree can protect them. This tree is a symbol of healing and vitality."

"Food was scarce during the wars. Our ancestors ate the tree bark for surviving. Surprisingly, those who injured badly were recovering fast. And their scars were faded, as if they have not been injured before."

"Our folk medicine came from the willow tree because its carries a lot of health benefits."

"We can even grind it to make various body products such as facial masks and bath tea. Women love them the most!"

"This tree is like an "antibiotics" to us!" - Maryna

Dr. Sandy’s Encounter Changed Everything

At first, it was hard for Dr. Dennis to believe in it. However, after experiencing Manitoulin's way of life, she was surprised to find that her wrinkles were gone!

The willow tree might be the reason behind.

Dr. Dennis knew she was onto something big. She decided to research on the willow tree that grown all over the Manitoulin.

She discovered that the willow bark contain high level of Salicylic Acid and it is an excellent pore-clearing agent and bacteria fighter. It can penetrates deep into our skin and break down the excess oil with dead skin cells.

"Compare to the chemically synthesized salicylic acid, the salicylic acid of the willow tree from Manitoulin penetrates into the pores more easily, and removes the excess sebum more effectively."

"This allows the cells to retain the moisture much better, keeping our skin smoother and more elastic."

"Which makes it different from other pore-cleansing ingredients." - Dr. Dennis

Viera™ – The Age-Defying Cream

Dr. Dennis wondered how could she maximize the potential of this acid.

A gel turned out to be the best answer.

"This structure could elevate the efficacy of the acid, making it more oil-soluble, which makes it easier for skin penetration."

"When this new formula was applied to the damaged skin tissues,"

"these tissues renewed themselves almost instantly, which is something I have not seen in any other formula before!" - Dr. Dennis

With the integration of the gel and the salicylic acid from Manitoulin's willow tree, Viera™ was born.

Use it once every day after cleansing your skin. Apply it evenly on your face. Then, leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Be consistent and you will experience the amazing result within a quick 28 days!

The Future Of Youthful Beauty

Viera™ is a jelly-like mask that enriched with salicylic acid, also know as BHA (beta hydroxy acid). The BHA works to soften the outer layer of the skin and penetrates through the skin pores to break down the "glue" between the cells for exfoliation and sebum reduction. 

It reduces the skin pH, increases hydration as well as the promotes superficial peeling.

Finally, it tightens the skin for better complexion and regulates the skin cells to fight acne and blemishes. 

Unlike other facial products, its gel-like texture is 10X more lightweight! Allowing deeper penetration into the skin for maximum effectiveness

Revealing a much softer and radiant skin that can preserve our youth

The voice of the Appliers 

Viera™ has been tested on 1000 subjects and more than 91.4% reported smoother skin and less skin fatigue by the 2nd week.

Viera™ has been receiving massive positive responses since its first launch. Believe it or not, this skin mask has made a huge difference to many.

"I thought it was too late when I first discovered Viera™ in my 50s."

"But I was wrong!"

"A week later, I was stunned by what I saw in the mirror. My skin looks much better than in my 20s!"

"My skin is no longer saggy. The deep line on my forehead is gone!"

"I wish I had found Viera™ sooner!" 

- Mary Eve, a 65s retiree

"My face was full of acne after I went to grad school."

"It was getting worse after I tried the hormone pills and other ways."

"Until I met Viera™. It is the savior of my face!"

"I can feel the dead skin cells removed and how smooth my face is."

"This product is definitely worth a shot!" 

- Tricia Meg, a 29-year-old postgraduate

"I bought this product to fade out my old acne scars."

"Also, the uneven scars around my eyes and knee from a childhood accident."

"I have used it a couple of times. The improvement is apparent!" 

- Alicia Kim, a 30s mom

Over 140,000 People Have Experienced The Wonders Of Viera™

A mature willow tree can only be harvested for a month once a year. Limited supply is expected.

There are only a couple of hundreds left in the country now and they are selling out fast! Once sold out, it will be the middle of next year.

Preserve younger, healthier-looking skin like never before taking years off with Viera™. 

Eternal youth no longer a distant dream!

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