When there's a will, there's a way

A story about Lydia who faces a tragedy that brings her down to the bottom, and how she overcame it with her persistent and the support from family. 

Thursday 20 August, 2020 | Kelly Werner

"Today is the happiest day in my life. It's felt like miracle to see my daughter to meet her true love."

"I am glad that she MADE it!"

Lydia is Sarah's daughter. Lydia is cute, friendly, and intelligent girl. She inherited most of the family genes, either the good and the bad. However, the worst is she got the worst gene...which is OBESITY. 

She loves to eat since young. Sarah tried to limit her in diet and she controlled herself as well, but the weight just can't be controlled. 

Soon, Lydia finished her study in university, started her career, and step into the next stage of her life. After her first child gave birth, is when the tragedy starts...

The Bottom of the Life

Lydia's body weight increased dramatically. She thought she could ignore it because she has a happy family. However, the fact tells her NOT...Her husband started to be abusive and even had an affair with a pretty lady. 

This affected Lydia could not concentrate in her work and her child. In the end, she divorced. 

"I feel horrible! It is all because of me!"

"It's because of our gene...I must save her from this devastating disease..."


Sarah decided to bring her daughter back to her cheerful life. From numerous exercise, medication, and diet, but, the result wasn't good...

At the edge of hope, Sarah met Janice, her cousin. 

In her memories, Janice was about 350 lbs. But now, she looks amazing! Sarah though they can never slim down due to the family gene. Without hesitation, Sarah ask Janice to share about her success way to loss weight.

When there's a will, there's a way

Janice shared her amazing experience in Mongolia. In Mongolia, women are used to taller & stronger while they gain weight naturally. However, they noticed something special.

Their HAND, is the only body part that doesn't grew along with their body. 

They soon discover the secret behind of never fattening palm. They soaking their hand in goat milk everyday as this is their tradition. It washes away the fat within their hand.  

Once they found out the secret, they decided to making it as a soap. By mixing it with the natural herbs from Mongolia, the world-changing soap is created! 

"Just use it as a regular soap & scrub it on your body, it will effectively washes away the excessive body fat from your body."

Lydia was reluctant to try once she got the soap from Janice. I persuaded Lydia to give it a try. 

"Why not give it a try? what if it works?"

Lydia starts using it to shower. She felt extremely oily whenever she is in the bathroom. 

Is the SOAP. The soap works miraculously and washing away her body fat naturally. 

She can't believe that it's true! 

In doubt, Lydia consult a doctor about the theory behind.

The doctor explained the mixture of herbs will create its own active ingredient that can react and dissolve our body fats. Therefore, the combination will reduce body fat and so do the body weight.

The doctor encourage Lydia to continuously use the soap. He was happy to see Lydia found out her way to lose weight.

Within a week, Lydia has slimmed down! She regained her confidence and even found her true love, the doctor! 

Lydia's husband tells Lydia that she should help others who are facing the same problem with her. 

"Lydia, they need you, people who are struggling with obesity."

Lydia then flew to Mongolia, gotten the recipe from the Mongolia lady, and starts to manufacturing the soap... As the person who face the same problem before, Lydia decided to keep the price at lowest. 50% of profit will sent back to Mongolia to help the community.

Lydia was grateful that she met the soap and changed her life. She conquered the biggest tragedy happened in her life.

Go for the Great