5pcs Screw Thread Tap Drill

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Check out with our Screw Thread Tap Drill, it comes with a set of total 5pcs different sizes. All 5 sizes of M3 - M8 are able to fit all your needs in your work,by drilling the specific diameter for the thread size and pitch you want to cut. 
This is useful if you have a lot of holes to thread, or if you require holes tapping quickly. You may double up your workload and speed up you work now!
  •  Ideal for auto repair and machinery where metric threads are specified

  • Screw Tap straight flute tip M3-M8

  • Spiral pointed tap for threading a circular tube, down rows of pins

  • Spiral pointed tap also called POT

  • Higher accuracy and more durable

  • Suitable for processing of stainless steel and ordinary steel

  • Size: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
  • Thread Diameter: 3mm (M3) / 4mm (M4) / 5mm (M5) / 6mm (M6) /  8mm (M8)
  • Material: HSS
  • Color: Silver Tone
  • Length: 46mm / 49mm / 55mm / 59mm / 59mm


  1. Insert the head cone first so that the tap center line is aligned with the drilling centerline.
  2. Evenly rotating the hands and a little pressure so that the tap into the knife, no need to add pressure after the in-feed


  • 5pcs * Screw Thread Tap Drill