All-Purpose Magic Saw

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This Magic Saw can lets you cut almost any material!

The main advantage of the All-Purpose Magic Saw saw is that the saw blade is flexible & strong, made from a mixture of carbon-steel materials (HA103A). With 1 same saw blade, you can saw glass, wood, paralog / PVC, rope, bamboo, aluminum, nails, metal to iron &, etc.
All-Purpose Magic Saw made in Korea in a special design has 3 saw positions that can be changed as needed, including the position of the bottom, right side & left side. In addition to the main function for sawing, MAGIC SAW is equipped with a glasscutter or glass cutter at the end of the frame.
  • MAGIC SAW SET: This All-Purpose Magic Saw has 2 options includes box or without box. Without box: contains 1 big saw blade, 5 small saw blades, 1 saw body with roll tips, 1 fixing screw, and 1 drill bit. With box1 big saw blade, 4 small saw blades, 2 diamond saw blade, 1 saw body with roll tips, 1 fixing screw and, 2 drill bits. The saw tools can meet all your cutting needs.
  • SAW BODY: Outer sill glass notch design, can install different saw cutter, can be easily cut along with the hand force, without power, you can achieve the function of the jigsaw
  • STEEL SAW CUTTER: can saw metal, such as copper, aluminum, iron, nails, etc, can be bent at any angle, can saw a variety of curves and process modeling.
  • WOOD SAW CUTTER: 16cm effective cutting distance, suitable for a variety of wood, plastic, PVC, and other processing.
  • EMERY SAW CUTTER: used for the cutting of glass and ceramic tile, it can be sawed round and various curves, with the use of pipe outlet and a special assembly.
  • POSITIONING CENTER CHONG: It is used for drilling ceramic tile, floor tile, and wall tile to avoid the defects that the drill hole is easy to crack and collapse and is accurate.
  • GLASS ROLLER HEAD: unique roller design, can cut out a variety of curves of glass, ceramic tile, etc., more durable than ordinary glass cutter.


  1. Wear gloves when using SAW MAGIC saws is recommended.
  2. For optimal sawing results, tighten the saw blade to the maximum by rotating, or can also use pliers.
  3. Please continuously add drops of water while sawing, otherwise, it will cut back the life of the saw blade.


Without Box

  • 1 * Saw Body
  • 5 * Saw blades
  • 1 * Big saw blade
  • 1 * Positioning pin 
  • 1 * Fixing Screw
  • 1 * Glass cutter (roll tips).
  • 1 * Plastic Cover

With Box

  • 1 * Saw Body with glass plier slot 
  • 4 * Saw blades
  • 1 * Big saw blade
  • 2 * Diamond saw blade
  • 2 * Positioning pin 
  • 1 * Fixing Screw
  • 1 * Glass cutter (roll tip).
  • 1 * Cover box