Keep your Concentration up with Alyps™ Essential Oil

The Ultimate Solution for Improving Concentration

The Alyps™ Essential Oil is made of patchouli plant extract, further enhanced with a special distillation method that was developed after years of study, which increases the efficacy of the oil by over 120%. It's mainly used by either scent diffusion or temple massaging, which triggers the nervous system to send more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain to preserve existing neurons while encouraging the production of new ones, resulting in significantly improved cognitive and mental capacity along with a longer-lasting memory and heightened concentration. This prevents the brain from declining, while bringing latent potentials to the surface, ensuring mental clarity and boosting high level problem solving ability.

Studies on the effectiveness on Alyps™ Essential Oil have shown the following:

 Improves Concentration
 Improves Focus
 Improves Decision-making
 Improves Mental Capacity

 Improves Cognitive Abilities
 Improves Memory
 Ensures Mental Clarity
 Preserves Existing Neurons
 Encourages Production Of New Neurons

 Improves Blood Flow

Benefits of Alyps™ Essential Oil's materials:

Patchouli extract: Stimulates brain cells and neural activity, improving memory and retention levels.

Made to maintain concentration and improve retention power with minimal risks.

how to use

You can massage it into your temple every day after diluting it, and/or use it as incense oil in your house, and it'll work perfectly fine.

Stop using the product immediately if there are allergic reactions. Each bottle contains 10ML of Alyps™ Essential Oil
* For best results, use daily


Great Product

"I like the smell of Patchouli, and this oil has the bonus of being organic so that I don't have to worry about unknown stuff. The price was competitive, the shipping was prompt and the product well protected. All good, nothing not to like."

Sasha Odonnell, CA

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Smells great

"I love this product - mostly because I love the smell of Patchouli. I’ve never ordered essential oils before, so I don’t know how long they should typically last. I feel like 3-4 drops in my infuser last an hour or two ( but it may be longer depending on how strong you like your Patchouli to smell, and I like it very strong )."

Marlie Quintero, ny

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Great for mixing

"Smells amazing. True patchouli!!! Not the flowery, cheap incense aroma you get with others. Lovely base note that has excellent longevity, I mix it with my lotion and can still smell it late into evening."

Laura Wallis, va

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