The Most perfectly preserved mummy 

- lady dai

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

The research on China's most perfect mummy made a new progress.

The Diva Mummy, Lady Dai's tomb was excavated in 1972. Even after more than 2000 years, her skin still looks soft and yellowish unlike ordinary mummies.

However, due to lack of expertise, the research wasn't completed for years. But after years of hard work, the answer is ready to be revealed. And the result is going to benefits people around the world.

Secret behind the mummification process

The secret behind the success of keeping her skin fresh even after 2000 years was debatable, as the excavation found too much mystery in the tomb of Lady Dai. What could possibly be the real culprit?

Some explained it was because of the vaccum-sealed, air and water tight tomb of Lady Dai.

The tomb was 12 meters deep, and she was kept inside 50 layers of silk,

which then put inside no less than 4 layers of coffin, 6 meter long, 6 meter wide, 3 meter height.

The coffin was then covered with 5 tons of charcoal surrounded the barrier chamber and moisture blocking layer of clay

It was also burried with a 50 meters deep soil.

"Similar tombs, deep tombs and cold environment in other parts of the world"

"have not preserve body to this degree, they just haven't done it, so"

"To me, there has to be some additional elements." - Dr John, Anthropologist

Mistery that was unsolved

There was one mystery remained unsolved back then, a reddish fluid was soaking her body in her coffin when discovered. Due to lack of expertise on the field, mystery of the liquid wasn't solved until then.

Decided to get the answer, a renowned pathologist Dr. Wu joined to examine the liquid. What he's going to discover would be mind blowing!

"I pretty much confident that the preservation was done well because of the liquid"

"Archeologist explained an ancient text mentioned in detailed on steps of embalming a body"

"it says that after washing the body, the embalmer kept the body cold, and wrap it in layers of clothing."

"It also said that after the embalmer place the body into its coffin, they poured in a mysterious liquid.""

"Thus, knowing the recipe of the liquid would reveal the mystery of all." - Dr Wu

Experiment on the mysterious liquid

Dr Wu assembled a team of the best scientist and chemical analyst to examine the liquid found in Lady Dai's coffin. The test revealed high level of magnesium and salt.

"Salt has been widely used as food preservative since thousands of years ago"

"as during ancient time there were no chemical methods for preserving food."

"Salt has the property to kill bacterias which can decompose human tissue,"

"It is the reason why Lady Dai's body managed to be preserved so well." - Dr Wu

"It's not such a strange idea because human, for thousands of years"

"have been preserving food, to extend that idea logically,"

"to a preservation of a body, whether it's a loved one or an elite figure,"

"who is of a great important to his or her people"

"It is not really a stretch for me." - Dr John, Anthropologist

the ancient recipe

Getting the answer behind a well flesh and body preservation had Dr. Wu inspired. He decided to extend his research into something deeper, which will be beneficial to human's life,

"Salt is a good source of mineral to human, dead of alive as what we seen through the research."

"It is commonly used as a food seasoning and preservation,"

"and the nutrients were absorbed internally into our body."

"However, consuming salt can sometimes be risky,"

"as we all know over consume of salt may bring diseases to us,"

"Such as heart disease, stroke, kidneys stones etc.“

”The research towards Lady Dai inspired me"

"What if we use salt topically on our body?" - Dr Wu

After years of research and clinical trial, AncientRecipe™ has launched. 

AncientRecipe™ Soap

AncientRecipe™ is a whole body soap that is made with natural sea salt and goat milk.

In soap form, we able to avoid any risk of consuming salt.

Salt also has the properties to kill germs and bacteria, which is why it helps to preserve Lady Dai's body.

It is proven to be capable to keep living human's skin to be in the best condition too. 

Goat Milk on the other hand, works for soothing, and whitening skin, giving you a more radiant, fair and smooth skin you ever wanted.

Success Since Launched

The official launch of AncientRecipe™ was an instant success. It received the warmest welcome from those who loves Lady Dai's story

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Since its launch, thousands went to try it out. And 98% of them shared how AncientRecipe™ change their skin condition.

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