This 106-year-old grandma is playing the "Flight of the Bumblebee" like it was nothing!

Published on  FEBRUARY 5TH , 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

Her performance always packs such intensity that it stuns crowd all over the world. Her solo act as captivated many fans so much. So, they call her the "Fairy of the Piano".

Brenda is famous for her high-level impromptu improvisations during performance and could still do it so effortlessly despite her age.

Many people thought that Brenda was born naturally talented.

But that couldn`t be further from the truth.

"I have played the piano for as long as I could remember"

"The tones and the keys are like a part of my body now"

"I could tell apart any sound and any tone just by listening to it once"

"I may be past my 100s but my mind is still as clear as day" 

- Brenda

Many people thought that Brenda was born naturally talented. But that couldn`t be further from the truth.

Her Challenging Past

Brenda actually had a very different start in the beginning. She was born with learning disabilities. But it all changed when she was 5 years old. Dr Julius was intrigued and surprised by her overnight transformation story.

Dr Julius Beswick, a researcher from the American Neurology Association and took interest in how her mind could still run so well at her age.

"Playing the piano at such a top level requires extreme focus"

"The amount of training and intensity is highly taxing"

"It is a surprise that she could still be at the top of this competitive industry at her age"

"I believe there is more than meets the eye"

- Dr Julius

Overcoming Obstacles

When Dr Julius visited Brenda to find out the truth. She revealed her secret to the Doctor.

"Many in my community thought I was "Challenged"

"Often I would get picked on as a result"

"And worried, my mother eventually started to keep me home"

"When I was a child I was always hyperactive and would run around"

"But there is one instant that I could sit quietly"

"It was when my mother does her weekly routine"

"My mother would light up some homemade essence as incense"

"And start playing the piano every Saturday night"

"I would sit by her side and listen to her calmly"

- Brenda

Brenda sat beside her mother, listening to her mother playing the piano calmly and without making a sound as if she was focusing. Few months passed and things started to change.

Things Started To Change

One day, her mother saw Brenda fiddling on the piano. Slowly, key by key, she was able to play a piece of music she heard.
By that time, she was only 6 years old. Her mother was surprised as she was never taught to play. She stood there watching Brenda play for hours and she was surprised by her tenacity and focus.

"When my mother saw how focused I was playing"

"She knew that something triggered this response from me"

"She connected the dots and finally found out the reason"

"It was all in the essential oil recipe that was passed down since my grandmother"

- Brenda

Brenda`s mother started using the essential oil on her everyday. She massaged her temple with it and used it as a diffuser and Brenda`s learning speed started to pick up from there. She was able to stay focused for longer hours and concentrate more.

A Revolutionary Discovery

By the age of 10, Brenda was found to have perfect pitch, she could play anything just by listening to it once.

By the time she was 25, she was the youngest piano maestro. Touring around the world doing shows with orchestras or even solo, Brenda holds the record for most musical scores played continuously. She played 30 songs for 5 hours straight without looking at any music sheet!

Dr Julius partnered with Brenda to research about this secret recipe hoping to reap its benefits for many around the world.

“When I tried to used it on myself for a month”

“I couldn’t believe the effect that it had on my mind”

“I recorded my productivity levels and brain waves simulations”

“Within a month of using the essence oil”

“My focus and concentration improved by 30%”

“When we scanned the brain waves we found out that"

“During the times when I was using the oil”

“My brain neurons were more active and triggers more response”

“Effectively speeding up my analytical skills and decision process” 

- Dr Julius

Dr Julius knew he had to run further research on the recipe. He took a few samples and ran many tests on its ingredients.

The main ingredient was Vetiver zizanioides. Vetiver, a plant native to South India has been known for its healing properties.

“What my team discovered was eye opening”

“The Vetiver roots contains a very special compound”

“It triggers a special scent that can stimulate brain cells”

- Dr Julius


Dr Julius started further researching with his team to increase its potency. By using state-of-the-art equipment and after many years, they were able to increase the efficiency of the product by 120%. They called it Aroma™.

“Aroma™ is our team’s proud breakthrough research.”

“Aroma™ works by scent diffusion or by applying it directly.”

“When we used it to massage our temple”

“The proteins and ions would improve blood flow in the brain”

“Allowing more oxygen to flow to the brain faster.”

“This will result in better cognitive abilities and clarity”

“And when we diffuse it into the air”

“The scent will stimulate harmonic response in the brain.”

“This ionic stimulation improves brain waves”

“And allows the brain to open up more of its dormant potential.”

“In just 1 week of usage, the user would feel more focused”

“And would be able to process complex problems quicker”

“Allowing them to also retain their memory for a longer period of time.”

“Aromatherapy have been gaining traction in recent years.”

“These findings will definitely propel the industry even more” 

- Dr Julius

Brenda was one of the first users of Aroma™. When asked about the experience, this is what she said
“Aroma™ is just amazing”

“The feeling and effect I get from it is definitely stronger”

“It feels like my brain is still in its 20s with Aroma™”

“The effects I felt far exceeded my traditional recipe!” 

- Brenda

Many People In The World Have Been Using Aroma™

During the many clinical trials conducted, 97.3% of volunteers have noted longer memory and cognitive abilities.

“I know the feelings of being that kid.”

“I hope Aroma™ can help others overcome their hurdles too.”

- Brenda

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