Automatic Feeder Soldering Gun

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Need a helping hand while you are soldering a circuit board? Well, you do not have to ask for help, this innovative design allows you to feed the tin wire automatically!

Introducing the Automatic Feeder Soldering Gun, the soldering gun that comes with a tin wire holder, as well as a tin wire feeder. As you squeeze the trigger on the soldering gun, the mechanism inside the soldering gun will push the soldering wire out, hence provides you with a perfect soldering wire control.


  • Alloy tip, fast heating, durable
  • Natural mica heating core, heating up fast, long life, easily assembled and dismantled
  • High-quality ABS plastic shell, holding comfort, reduce hand fatigue for long-term operation.
  • Tin wire spool can be disassembled, easy to use
  • With power indicator, safe
  • Flexible power cord
  • Can be operated by one-handed, to view the tin situation at any timeto reduce mistakes.
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Output Temperature: 300-400 Degrees Celsius
  • Temperature Stability: 1 Degree
  • Output Power: 60W
  • Dimensions: 19*18cm

Package Includes: 1 x Automatic Feeder Soldering Gun