Automatic Keyless Drill Chuck

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Missing Your Chuck Key Again?

Missing your chuck key when you need it to open and close the jaws of the chuck is a common issue when you are using a conventional drill chuck to tighten and loosen the jaws for placing or removing a drill bit manually. In this case, how about getting yourself a new drill chuck without the hassle of looking for keys?  

Innovative Way To Lock And Release Drill Bits

With the self-locking system, Keyless Drill Chuck allows you to lock and release the drill bits easily and quickly. 

An ideal tool for Drill Conversion: Convert a cordless power screwdriver into a drill or grinder in seconds.

Not Only Easy to Install

But Also Known As A Versatile Product With Strong Clamping Force

The Carbide Jaw-Inserts allow you to hold the round-shank drill bits with the respective suitable clamping range according to your product choice effortlessly and securely. 

Fitting almost every brand drill motor. Compatible with cordless and portable drills. 

Note: Counterclockwise of use is prohibited. Not suitable for impact drivers or applications involving high torque load.


    Material: High-Speed Steel

    Color: Black 

    Clamping Range: 0.8-10mm (3/8-24UNF), 2.0-13mm (1/2-20UNF)

    Weight with package: 148g (3/8-24UNF), 262g (1/2-20UNF)

    Size: Refer to picture

    Package Includes:

    1 x Automatic Keyless Drill Chuck