Increase Your Memory & Enhance Focus

Unleash your talent without limitation!

Our Reliving Patch is designed to improve your ability to memorize and boost your concentration so that you can perform at your very best. Whether you need to be used on work, studies, or sport, the Reliving Patch can help you achieve your true potential. This patch contains both magnets and regulated Vitamin D intake into one small patch that you can stick safe onto yourself!

The Reliving Patch is brain acupuncture points massotherapy, massage can not only help you think more clearly, but it can also improve your memory. Tight neck and shoulder muscles often restrict blood flow to the brain, which difficult making memory and concentration. Therefore, massage also relieves tension by relaxing stressed muscles, which benefits thinking and efficient work. The magnetic of Reliving Path can also effect facilitating better circulation into your brain. When you can't remember & getting more forgetful! When your brain starts to be slow & foggy! When your brain is getting constantly tired! It is time to boost brain health with Reliving Path

Studies on the effectiveness on Reliving Patch have shown the following:

 Improves memory & concentration
 Improves brain capacity
 Increased blood circulation
 Promotes efficient thinking

 Promotes brain activities
 Supports brain health & function
 Relieve the headache
 Positive emotions
 Enhances task completion

 Boosts the immune system

Benefits of the Reliving Ingredients:

Vitamin D: Vitamin D intake that is moderate can support brain functions and protect against neurodegeneration. Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem in humans and it can affect various cognitive impairments, including memory loss.

Healing Magnet: If done properly, magnets may be used for healing. The magnets attract the iron in the blood when they are placed on top of the skin, increasing blood flow and oxygen and nutrient delivery. It also activates the nerves in the area, resulting in the release of endorphins by the body. The healing process is accelerated by the combination of increased blood flow and endorphins. Suggest placed at the lower skull’s pressure points behind the ear (also known as Heavenly Pillar). In this brilliant-releasing point, it helps to relax the neck allowing greater circulation into the brain.

The results is depending on physical condition of different individual.

how to use

Stick it onto the back of your ear (also known as Heavenly Pillar) and it'll be able to work effectively. 

You can keep it on the entire day and change it every morning.

Make sure to apply once only at a time to avoid overdosing yourself with Vitamin D. 

Reliving Patch is now selling 10 pieces in 1 set!
* For best results, use daily.
* NOTE: Please stop using the Reliving Patch immediately if it causes discomfort on your skin.


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