Butter Cream Flowers Professional Nozzle (3pcs Set)

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Russian Nozzles have been creating quite a stir and finally, we have it here on board. Use these Butter Cream Flowers Professional Nozzle Set to create beautiful Sphere Ball shape cream in a single squeeze.

These pastry tips have intricately designed cut-outs and holes. When you pipe it on, you will have a complete flower C petal, centers, and all, in just one shot. Each Sphere Nozzle has 8 gaps or holes which produce lots of pretty swirls and ruffles in seconds


  • GIFT- READY PACKAGING - All of our cupcake decorating sets come in attractive, gift-ready packaging. Send a set to your friends and family for the holidays with a simple click.
  • CLEAN & DURABLE - Our food-grade stainless steel set of piping tips are durable and dishwasher-safe. We individually wrap each piece to ensure quality and cleanliness.
  • UNIQUE VARIETY OF TIPS - Make beautifully unique icings with all three different piping tips. Mix your favorite colors with the tri-color coupler for special occasions or events.
  • EASY TO USE - It takes only one step to make a beautiful Sphere Ball shape whip cream or buttercream. Making your own beautiful and unique cakes, puff, or pastry is so much easier with the right tools.
  • GREAT COMBINATION - You can combine this sphere nozzle set with another CUPCAKES DECORATION SPOUT SET to create a real masterpiece at home on your own! 

3 * Butter Cream Flowers Professional Nozzle (3 Different Design)