Ceiling Hole Cutter

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This Ceiling Hole Cutter is widely used for opening holes in wood, plastic board, gypsum board, PVC sheet, glass, porcelain, etc. The tungsten carbide blade can be adjusted from 30-120mm. This Ceiling Hole Cutter is suitable for any variable speed drill, it even comes with a round-tipped bit for lower RPM usage.

  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE CIRCLE CUTTER: The Adjustable Circle Hole Cutter can cut perfect circles effortlessly. Gives You Fast, convenient and steady Cutting.
  • ✅ FAST AND PRECISE SAW CUTTER: Hole Saw Tooth Kit graduated in metric sizes, just select the scale you want, locate the inner edges of the blade holders against the size graduation. The alloy steel beam features marked graduations for fast measurement and precise cutting.
  • ✅ CUTTER DRILL BIT APPLICATION: Widely used in woodworking opening, spotlight opening, plastic plate opening, DIY speaker opening, etc.Ideal for drilling of woodworking work, laminates, plastic, acrylic, plywood, composite, plaster, rubber, and cardboard.
  • ✅ WOOD DRYWALL DRILL BIT SAW ROUND AND SMOOTH: Dual blade design, straight round effect, smooth cut and burr-free.


  1. Make sure the blades are equally adjusted before drilling or else the force will be uneven.
  2. Adjust to the required size, be sure to use the hex wrench to tighten the screws.
  3. Please don't use on steel sheet or other metal.
  4. The speed of drilling must be slow, and the material of drilling does not contain iron, nails or other metal.


  • 1 * Adjustable Hole Cutter
  • 1 * Rounded-tip
  • 1 * Allen Wrench