Cement Caulking Pump

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This invention saves you time and effort!

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With the Cement Filling Pump, you can apply cement on the wall, door frame, in between bricks and etc with ease. This device is constructed with high-end ABS material on the frame, nozzle and handle. As for the main shaft, it's made from stainless steel and high-density rubber for the suction/ vacuum socket.

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Simply just select the suitable nozzle and install it on the mainframe/pump and dip the nozzle into prep-cement, pull the handle backward to load the gun with cement. Point the caulking pump onto the desired place and slowly push the handle forward to discharge the cement.

Cement Caulking Pump comes with 4 nozzles with the size of 14, 23, 35, 60 mm


  • TIME SAVER : Faster cement filling compared to traditional way
  • CLEAN & TIDY : No more cement drippings and leftover on the floors
  • Longer Working Distance: Cement Filling Pump is long enough for           you reach higher area like doors or high walls without using ladder /           stools
  • Easy Cleaning : Just simply suck in water and push it out to clean the       pump

Applicable areas:

  • Joints or frames
  • Cavity filling
  • Work with filler
  • Plaster renders
  • Fire protection areas
  • Low-pressure injection
  • Anchor mortars/ frame mortars
  • Fire retarding mortars

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Caulking Pump
  • 4 x Nozzles