Cording Buttonhole Presser Foot

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With Auto Adjusting Buttonhole Presser Foot, a sawists can easily measure the size of the button with a clamp system and sew even-sized and precise buttonholes every time.

Button hole can be made more stable by adding cording such as when sewing heavy weight fabric or stretch knit fabrics. The cord provides a raised surface as well as interesting texture.
Hold the cord in a loop and place it on the extension at the back of the foot, place the 2 ends of the cord into the grooves on the front of the foot. Secure the cords then stitch the buttonhole.


  • The scale guide in the presser foot can be used for perfect topstitching on both straights and curved lines.
  • Provides Ease-of-Use for Tasks that Could be Extremely Tedious if Done by Hand
  • Fits All Low Shank Snap - On Singer (Some Singers Require Low Shank Adaptor), Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Simplicity, Necchi, and Elna Sewing Machines)
  • Industrial sewing machines, mini sewing machines, and old-fashioned household sewing machines, Singer old household sewing machines (974, 8019, 9032, etc.) are not applicable.


Step 1: The left long edge of the buttonhole.
Step 2: The bar tack, or wide binding stitch at one end.
Step 3: The right long edge.
Step 4: The bar tack at the other end.

Be sure your take-up lever is in the uppermost position when you switch the dial between each step. This brings the needle clear of the fabric. The needle should be in the center position.


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