Paint Thoroughly Remover

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The easiest-to-apply, fastest drying rust converter, That would be the Paint Thoroughly Remover ! This paint remover manage to remove/clean-off any paint on any surface in just few seconds. It also able to takes existing rust and transforms it into an inert coating, sealing out moisture and preventing future rust and corrosion.  


No more scraping, sandblasting or grinding: This all-in-one surface conditioner and primer creates a dark, protective polymeric barrier that’s weather-proof and ready for a fresh coat of paint. You can now remove any paint effortlessly & remove rust and make any of your project's item back to its origin from now on ! 


  • CONVERTS EXISTING RUST: EXTREME Rust Converter transforms and replaces existing rust with a dark and protective polymeric barrier.

  • PROTECTS IRON AND METAL SURFACES: EXTREME Rust Converter revives and protects iron and metal surfaces on automobiles, dumpsters, equipment, railings, etc.

  • PREVENTS FUTURE CORROSION: This rust treatment prevents future corrosion by locking out moisture from rain and snow. Dries in 20 minutes.

  • NON-TOXIC, FUME-LESS FORMULA: EXTREME Rust Converter is a non-flammable, low VOC, water-based treatment. It is non-toxic and emits no harmful fumes.


  • Surface preparation: Remove large rust and scale particles with a wire brush or sandpaper. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, and grease.
  • Application: Shake or stir well before using. Apply two coats using either a brush, roller or pump sprayer allowing at least 20 minutes drying time between coats. Allow 48 hours of cure time before applying a quality paint. 
  • Clean-up: Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with soap and water.
  • General: Do not apply this product if the surface temperatures are below 50°F. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from freezing or temperatures above 100°F. For long-lasting protection of iron surfaces, the cured rust converter coating should be sealed with two coats of high-quality oil-based paint. No other primer is required.


1 * DELUXE Rust Converter (100ml)