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The Origins of Obsidian Rocks

Black Obsidian is known as “Dragons' Glass”. It is a glass like rock that forms from volcanic lava that quickly cools. It is a powerful stonemetaphysically and is used for protection, healing, and truth telling

Ever feel some form of guilt or shame, even when you know you did nothing wrong? Your subconscious tells you to feel bad but you aren’t quite sure why. Obsidian is the stone to turn to

For a thorough cleansing of the soul, Black Obsidian is the ultimate choice. It’s known as a mirror stone, enabling profound self-reflection that lets you uncover hidden truths about yourself. It picks apart your many layers and delves deep into your core. It protects your energy from external influence all the while

The Power of Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian

Brings enjoyment and joy

As an Obsidian Stoneit is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stoneIt has powerful metaphysical properties that will shield you against negativity and stress. 

Brings reminder of strength, courage and fortitude

With Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian in your life, it asks that you tap into your psychic nature and allow yourself to view the world through the eyes of wonder and mystery

Brings out the Spiritual Energy 

Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian as a spirit guide, it makes a powerful ally in our daily life with its amazing restorative and potent qualities.

Feng Shui VS Dragon & Phoenix

One of the most effective ways to make the most of gemstones is to keep them close to the skin. Bracelets are one of the most popular ways of doing just that; making sure that it's in contact with your skin most of the time.

The Dragon and the Phoenix represent the balance of Yin and YangThe Bracelet aims to create a balanced, harmonious feng shui for the wearers by invoking the powers of both the mythical creatures.

Dragons are believed to bring incredible luck, wisdom, prosperity, abundance, consistent success, and high achievement. A Dragon is a symbol for: Good Fortune, Valiance, Heroism, Boldness, Self-confidence, Power, Excellence, Perseverance, Nobility, Vitality, and Happiness. In old times, Dragon designed things can only be used by the emperor.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird of legend. It is a magical, radiant and shimmering bird, which lives for several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames then is reborn from the ashes, to start a new, long life. 

A Phoenix is a symbol of: Transformation, Longevity, Renewal, Purity, Strength, and Health.

When combined, they'll be able to bring you prosperity, joy, and abundance in your life!

Benefit of Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet

By utilizing the powers of the Dragon & the Phoenix, the Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet can:

Keep you healthy

Since the Phoenix is a symbol of health and the Dragon is a symbol of vitality, their powers will be able to improve your health!

Boosts your confidence

Blessed by the powers of the Dragon, you'll be able to walk around with much more confidence, therefore improving your social life and your business too!

Improve your luck

With the mythical creatures' blessings on your side, you'll have much better luck in any scenario! 

Things To Take Note When Wearing a Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet

How to wear Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet?

To activate the benefits of this gemstone, you must clean it regularly. Rinse it with clean water every day before you start your day. 

Which hand should I wear it on?

Male is suggested to wear the Dragon on right hand, while female is suggested to wear the Phoenix on left hand.

Wear the bracelet on correct hand in order to provide it with your active energy so it can function and protect you from negativity.

Where should I keep it?

If you take it off at any point, you should place it under a warm light source to ensure that it maintains its blessings.

Can someone else wear my bracelet?

No. Keep the bracelet on you whenever you can so that you can utilize the blessings yourself. 

Avoid letting anyone touch it to avoid confusing the bracelet. But if it does happen, make sure to rinse the bracelet with water for 8 times.

Our Happy Customers

Thousands of verified reviews

Our Happy Customers

Thousands Of Verified Reviews

Bonus of Feng Shui Tigers Eye Bracelet

Bonus of Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet

Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian bracelet is one of the most powerful bracelets you can wear to attract happiness, success, and confidence into your life.

If you think you need any of that right now, then it definitely helps to get one for yourself, as you'll be able to attract happiness, success, and confidence into your life!

Also, the dragon & phoenix obsidian stone looks great when made into a bracelet, making this a fashionable bracelet to wear at any time. Get one today and begin to attract happiness into your life!



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