Drip Free Paint Roller

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Paint without leaving a mess!

Tired of paint dripping off your paint roller when you're painting? Looking for a way to paint cleanly? Sick of a dirty work area by the time you finish painting? This product is for you! 

A quick and easy paint system that lets you color your entire wall, ceiling, or even a garage door in minutes! Simply pour in your desired paint, pop on the lid, and roll the perfect coat of paint! It's like having a can of paint in your paint roller! If you have this product, you'll be able to paint quickly and with precision, on top of keeping everything clean!


  • Keeps the work area clean from paint.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not generate drip when you're painting.
  • No drips, no mess, no spills


Weight: 0.19kg
Size: 31*22.5*10cm

Package includes:

1 x Drip Free Paint Roller


1 x 5 Pcs Combo Set


1 x 6 Pcs Combo Set


1. Due to different monitor and light effect, there might be a slight difference in color between the actual item and item shown in the pictures.

2. There might be a minor deviation in the length due to manual measurement.