Electric Drill Reciprocating Saw (6 Pcs Set)

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Introducing Electric Drill Reciprocating Saw, a perfect DIY tools attachment for a power drill. This reciprocating saw adapter can change the general electric drill into reciprocating saw Jigsaw metal file.

Electric Drill Reciprocating Saw able to cut multiple materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, tile, plastic, tree limbs, PVC pipe, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, thin steel, even roots.


  • SAFE:  Non-slip handle is very convenient and safer for use. Simple operation, saving time and effort. Safety Of Sawing, Effectively Improve The Efficiency Of Your Work.
  • MULTIFUNCTION:Can be used for wood cutting, metal pipe cutting, PVC cutting, steel cutting and many more.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The saw blade is easy to install into the reciprocating saw, just install the saw blade and then attach it with the driller.
  • FAST CUT:The recommended speed of the electric drill is 800-1500rpm.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: This adapter has an ergonomic handle which is very convenient and safer for carrying. Its input power depends on your own electric drill, so it is not a certain number.
  • MATERIAL: The reciprocating saw adapter is made of high-quality material, high durability, and high efficiency, save time and effort.


  • 1* Reciprocating Saw
  • 1* Wrench 
  • 2* Saw Blade 
  • 1* Screwdriver 
  • 1* Box