A doctor saved the life of a baby, was saved from his dementia by the same baby after 20 years

A newborn baby was successfully born prematurely 20 years ago, with the help of Dr. Edward Hall. The baby who was born on the 26th week of pregnancy and was most likely to developed health problems and intellectual disorders. The baby name is Mike. Mike's childhood was not a smooth sail. His speech development was delayed.

Mike improvement from the intellectual disorder amazed the worldThroughout his childhood days, he was always distracted and had trouble controlling his behavior in his class. At the age of 4, not a single preschool wanted to accept Mike as he was unable to talk like normal kids. Jake's mother did not give up.

"She brought Mike to speech therapies and social skills trainings"

"but nothing seemed to work."

"She was getting desperate and was about to accept the fate" - Mike's mother

The day of surprise change

One day, Mike's mother was doing her weekly meditation routine and she noticed that Mike was reading a book out loud on his own. It was an unimaginable surprise for her.

"I was totally shocked!"

"He never spoke a full sentence before that."

"And all of a sudden he was able to read a book word by word." - Mike's mother

From that day on, Mike kept getting better and better. He was finally able to understand and concentrate in his classes. Mike's mother suspected that her meditation routine helped Mike's development. Slowly, Mike overcame his learning disabilities. and was finally at the top of his class when he aced all his subjects in school. Puzzled by all these past events, Mike's mother brought him for an IQ test. Mike recorded and IQ of 176, placing him in the top 1% of the world. Mike eventually went on to Harvard at 15, majoring in Neuroscience, and completed his PhD at the young age of 19! 

it was Favoure™

This news eventually caught the attention of one of the world's renowned neuroscientist professors, Dr. Connor Hall. He was intrigued by how Mike could make it this far despite his compromised learning abilities so they decided to investigate further. After further investigation they found out that it was the Sandalwood Essential Oil that she used during her meditation that helps Mike improve all along.

Sandalwood is a class of woods from trees in the genus Santalum, that can be found in many Pacific Islands. The long-lasting scent that it provides is beneficial in treating mental disorders. It helps the formation of dendrites and axons in brains and improving their communication. The scent can also improve cognitive memory, combating brain abnormalities and anxiety thus ultimately results in stability in mental, memory and learning improvement.

By using recent technology, They managed to condense Sandalwood oil into its purest form thus creating an amplified formula which is 10 times more effective than the original. It is called Favoure™.

With this incredible discovery, Dr. Connor decided to help his father, who suffered from dementia for the past 3 years. Turns out, his father was Dr. Edward Hall, the obstetrician who helped Mike's birth.
"The world is truly a wonderful place."

"Who would've thought that after 20 years, I will be able to repay the savior of my life." - Mike

The amazing change

Dr. Edward was the first to test it out and the result is truly promising.

"In just one week, Dr. Edward managed to response to conversations and remember things better"

"After 2 months, his memory has regained and improved by 98%"

"My dad is now able to take care of himself with no problem." - Dr. Connor

When Mike visited him, he actually remembered saving a premature baby before. The moment was really touching and heart-warming for Dr. Connor.

Mysteries solved

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