Fence Pliers

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Fence Pliers are used for building wire fences and are one of the few multipurpose tools that are worth carrying. The flat area is a bushed (serrated) hammer fact that helps drive staples that hold the wire to a wooden post while the pointed thingy at the top left is a staple puller to remove said staples when redoing a fence. 
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The sorta circular area in between is a nail puller but is also used to twist wire ties on metal posts. Besides that, the cutouts along the sides are really strong wire cutters as fence wire can be hard to cut. The linear area at the transition between the head and handles are pliers. 
  • Mend Fences
    • With seven tools in one, it's got everything you need for installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of wire fences.
  • Grip and Snip
    • Jaws grip wire for pulling or twisting. Two powerful, shear-type wire cutters cleanly snip heavy gauge solid or braided wire with ease.
  • Crimp and Staple
    • Two different crimpers squeeze splices tight and close many styles of splicing connectors. The claw and puller dig out and remove old staples while the starter and hammer drive in new ones.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Fence Pliers