Floral Lace Mold

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Floral Lace Mat Mold
Craft a luxurious and ornate edible cake sugar lace using our easy to use silicone lace mats and molds. 
Lace mats are very easy to use. Simply spread the sugar lace mixture on the mat or mold and scrape off any excess.
Allow to dry overnight then remove a beautiful piece of edible lace for your cake or baking project. 
Be sure to note the size of the lace mat as they vary a great deal. 

The mold is highly flexible and durable. Heat resistance is from -40 to 465 °F (-40 to 240 °C).  Durable, flexible, non-stick, food-quality silicone for easy removal!  FDA approved. This mold can be used with any number of confectionery lace products