Flower Mirror Glaze Cake Strainer

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Different types of Flower Mirror Glaze Cake Strainers in different shapes, can satisfy your different painting and drawing needs in your baking.

This strainer not only for painting craft but also for dessert making, and used for kitchen sink strainer basket to stop food bits going down the plughole, bath/shower to trap hairs.

Create amazing patterns each time by experimenting with these strainers. Colors may vary. 

A small item to make your baking colorful and wonderful!


  • Activate Creativity and Imagination: Each strainer has its own hole layout of different patterns, can create various paintings according to preferences. Interesting painting tools that can create your own Glaze Mirror Cake.
  • Premium Quality: The strainer set is made of silicone and top quality plastic, durable, and reusable. you can use them many times, can be washed by water.
  • Easy Application: Match and mix the various colors of pigments together, and pour into the strainer for getting beautiful visual effects.


  • Material: Made of silicone and plastic
  • Quantity: 3 Patterns
  • Color: As shown.


  • Prepare the Flower Mirror Glaze Cake Strainers, dye, water, and cup (plastic or glass).
  • Pour your favorite dye into cups and pour the right amount of some water. Stir well.
  • Mix your dye one by one (white dye first is a preferrable).
  • Mixed dye has prepared already, put the strainers on the cake, and slowly pour your mixed dye down by circle. Now begin your amazing awesome painting.


  • 1 X Selected Pattern of Flower Mirror Glaze Cake Strainer