Human's best buddy - dog

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

Imagine your dog helps you to collect parcel when you are not home?

Meet Nuomi, a 9-year-old German Shepherd. Nuomi hasn't had any professional training but has always been a helpful dog.

However, this is not how Nuomi behaves at first...

Ferocious Beast to be put down

2 years ago, Dr. Takashi, a veterinarian received a frantic call to examine a vicious dog immediately. 

"A woman was mauled badly by a dog!"

"The dog is very aggressive! It snarls at us whenever we try to get closer."

"It was extremely hard for us to catch the dog. It attacks people!"- The samaritan

The dog was sent to his clinic for examination. To his surprise, the dog was full with deep wounds and cuts.

"She has a long history of being abused heavily."

"The trauma from the past affects her."

"This explains her aggressive behavior." - Dr. Takashi

Despite knowing her pathetic past,  the officer decided to euthanize the dog as she was posing a threat to the neighborhood.

Dr. Takashi has no choice but to follow the instruction.

Yet, an incident changed his mind...

A worthy life

Just when Dr. Takashi was preparing for the euthanization, the dog disappeared! After a quick search, she was found at the nearest park. Coming closer to her, Dr. Takashi realized that a baby girl was abandoned in the bush.

Presumably, at least an hour before the dog found her. The baby might not be able to make it if she were left in the cold much longer. The dog saved the little girl's life.

Dr Takashi believed, the deprivation of love and care is what underneath the aggression of the dog. Looking through her eyes, he saw a deprived soul.

Dr. Takashi pleaded the officer for a second chance for the dog. Finally, he was granted 3 months to discipline the dog.

trainings required

Dr. Takashi searched high and low for ways to tame the dog. Like training the dog with treats, consulting an animal behaviorist and sent her to training school. But none of them worked.

The dog was still acting in its way. Barking and lunging at strangers at every chance it gets. He almost lost his hope. Until a walk in the park...

An exceptionally well-behaved dog caught his attention. Unlike other dogs, this dog was roaming freely in the park without a leash! Yet, the dog always returns to its owner whenever it is called. 

Dr. Takashi was dazzled by its obedience. He asked the owner for her secret. 

"Like an elderly, senior dogs are set in their ways."

"They went through the formative years in puppyhood that can shape their lifelong behavior."

"Their brains record what they have learned previously and they behave accordingly."

"Therefore, re-training them would be harder, but not impossible."

"I was struggling with my dog like you."

"But with Furffy™, he is well-tamed now" - Dog Owner

the  Furffy™

Furffy™ is an effective tool that makes dog training a whole lot easier. Especially for people without any experience in dog training before. 

It emits a high frequency sound, an ultrasound that is inaudible to human which is harmless to the dog. The sound serves to alert the dog for behaving badly and remind them to change to the right behavior. By pairing with the dual LED lights at the dim environment, it can grab their attention immediately to correct their bad behaviors, such as chewing things, barking or even digging the yard.

Whenever the dog misbehaves, just point the device towards the dog and push the button to emit the sound. You can attach a simple but a firm command like "STOP!" while activating the device. When the dog behaves well, reward them with a treat

Do it a few more times, the dog will behave desirably under the STOP command without the use of the device. 

Time was ticking. And the life of the dog was in his hand.


Running out of options, Dr. Takashi placed an order for the Furffy™. To his surprise, it worked like a charm!

"I pushed the button and yelled "NO!" whenever Nuomi barked at the strangers."

"Just a week later, things changed!"

"Nuomi no longer barks at the strangers, unless she sense a danger."

"She is no longer acting aggressively towards other people when they approach to her."

"Instead, she is calm and being friendly with them."

"Not only that, she picked up the commands and learned a few new tricks." - Dr. Takashi

The officer was amazed and satisfied with Nuomi's transformation.

New Life

Nuomi's destiny has been changed. She was placed for adoption eventually. However, Dr. Takashi and his family have been growing attached with Nuomi. They decided to adopt the dog.

"Nuomi deserves as much of love just like any other pets"

"We want to show her what it feels like to be loved."

"There is a hidden meaning behind her name."

"Nuomi means she can always join and stick with us." - Dr. Takashi

Nuomi has been a helpful dog. Despite without a formal training, she is extremely smart and understand the commands very fast.

"She helps to run the chores like carrying a cart when we go out for grocery shopping."

"And picking up our kids from school." - Dr. Takashi

The Best dogs training tool

Nuomi is a living proof that you CAN teach an adult dog any new tricks.

If you have any issues in handling your dog's misbehavior, try Furffy™.

After all, you owe this to your dog in teaching them how to behave.

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