Gathering Presser Foot

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 Gather and stitch at the same time!

 To use the Gathering Foot, attach it onto the machine and put the fabric underneath the presser foot, lower it, and stitch away! This will allow the fabric to be gathered and stitched at the same time effortlessly.

To attach another fabric that you don't want to be gathered, simply put the fabric into the foot's middle plates!


  • Fits most household sewing machines.
  • Perfect for when you want to form and stitch at the same time.


Size: 3.2*1.8cm
Weight: 0.02kg

Package includes:

1 x Gathering Presser Foot


1. Due to different monitor and light effect, there might be a slight difference in color between the actual item and item shown in the pictures.

2. There might be a minor deviation in the length due to manual measurement.