The woman with "elephant legs"

Published on  August 29th, 2021 | Written by Tyrese Mckenna, senior editor

This woman has been dubbed as the human 'elephant'. Without any help, she couldn't even stand for more than 3 seconds!

42-year-old Maci Caldwell has a condition which causes her leg to balloon in size. It looks as if her giant leg has absorbed the energy out of her.

When she was younger, doctors could not diagnose her mysterious illness. So, Maci went about life as any other ordinary kid. But reality started to hit when her leg took over her life. As she was growing, every little move she made was a challenge.

"I struggled to even do the simplest task such as showering or walking."

"It's difficult to stand because of the height difference of both legs."

"I tried everything doctors suggested, including drain massages and compression stocking."

"But they were expensive and ineffective!"

"There was nothing I could do about it, I felt helpless."

"One day, my leg finally gave in and I lost my balance."

"I fell down the stairs and was badly injured."

"That's when I knew that I could become bed bound forever."

A research opportunity

Maci's case piqued the interest of Dr. Aidan Bates, one of the world-renowned vein specialist with over 20 years of experience. To find a solution, Dr. Bates conducted CT scans on Maci's giant leg.

The results showed that there were blockages in her lymphatic system because of weak blood circulation. Dr. Bates explains Maci's condition as well as how to tackle them.

"The swelling is caused by the accumulation of fluid under the skin. It can also occur from sitting or standing in one place for too long, which can cause unconfortable numbing sensations and infections."

"The trick in reversing this is to keep the blood flowing to stimulate the movement of fluid for the removal of toxic waste, which can help to minimize swelling as well as bloating." - Dr. Bates

An ancient remedy

Dr. Bates has been researching a natural approach to reduce giant legs, and Maci's condition reminded him of his field research in Ratchaburi, Thailand. It's a village where people have been practicing and ancient massage for centuries, with a combination of their traditional massage oil passed down from their ancestors who were traditional Thai dancers.

After dancing for hours, they applied the oil to their swollen legs to relieve the pain. But the longer they have applied it, it somehow sculpted their legs to look slimmer and more toned. Since then, the locals have used the oil blend to cure any leg discomforts, making Ratchaburi the village where women of all ages have stunning model-like legs. It even became a tourist hotspot for people who wanted to have legs that they could only dream about.

Considering that his previous research could help Maci, Dr. Bates managed to bring back the oil and tested it out on her.

"Within a few hours of massaging her legs with the oil blend, "Maci's legs began to shrink a few inches!""

"She could even stand up for minutes without losing her balance."- Dr. Bates

After various tests, Dr. Bates realized that the main ingredient in the oil is none other than Thailand's ginger root extracts.

After running some tests with ginger roots from other regions only those native toRatchaburi had skyrocketing lymphatic-stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties, because it had absorbed the optimal pH levels of the soil composition.


Dr. Bates became convinced that this discovery would revolutionize the medical world. So, he teamed up with the world's leading health specialists to create and easy-to-use and fast-absorbing massage oil, suitable for our fast paced life.

They called it Ginnerva™. Inspired by ancient Thai herbal wisdom, Ginnerva™ is made from only premium Ratchaburi ginger root extracts obtained by the latest steam-distillation method.

"Gingerol is and ingredient in Ginnerva™ which helps to improve blood circulation..."

"As well as stimulate the release of fluids built up in the body's tissues."

"Aside from Ginnerva™'s ability to reduce swelling, it is also suitable for use by anyone with puffiness, swelling, and bloating..."

"Due to hormonal imbalances and excess sodium."

"Using feather-light pressure, Ginnerva™ flushes out excess water and toxins instantly..."

"Great for body sculpting to give you a more defined overall look."- Dr. Bates

positive effect of using Ginnerva™

When the first batch of Ginnerva™ rolled out, Dr. Bates tried it out on Maci to get a fair verdict.

"Ginnerva™ is so much more convenient to use! Before this, I had to spend a few hours a day to massage my leg. But now, 10 minutes is all it takes to reduce the swelling on it."

"I immediately felt a release of pressure which got rid of all the stiffness. I no longer feel any numbness or any painful infections anymore."

"A few months later, I can confidently strut in my heels, and I even got scouted by a modelling agency! Thanks to Ginnerva™, I've finally regained my health and confidence."- Maci

It is now or never

When Ginnerva™ was launched worldwide, the reviews have been remarkable.

in fact, 98% of users reported satisfaction as it helps to reduce swelling and bloating.

Ginnerva™ was a breakthrough success with more than 900,000 units sold.

Grab yours now before stocks run out. Beat the bloat and swell no more with only a drop of Ginnerva™.