GRIPRO™ Wrench

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Carrying a box of wrench set is tiring and you'll have to switch your tools if the hex nut size is different. Introducing the GRIPRO™ Wrench, the only pro tool you need to ease your job! GRIPRO™ Wrench come in set of two, which fit perfectly for 9-32mm of hex nut.

Large Wrench: 
Size: 23-32mm, Total length 280mm 

Small  Wrench: 
Size: 9-22mm, Total length 215mm, Twin headed design

The material for the wrench is made from hardened chrome vanadium steel and paired with rubber handle for better grip. This wrench is durable and is suitable for pipes, spiral pipes, nuts, bolts or other  fasteners. Quick release clamping and anti slip features are just perfect and only tool you need!