Handiquilter Couching Presser Foot

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Excellent Free-Motion Foot is here! 

The Handiquilter Couching Presser Foot is designed to float just above the fabric surface so that you can achieve beautifully quilted effects on your home sewing machine.


The Handiquilter Couching Presser Foot is used for ‘freehand’ embroidery and darning to ensure proper stitch formation, minimize skipped stitches and puckering, and also to protect your fingers whilst you move your fabric freely under the needle. Especially beneficial to those just learning how to do freehand embroidery.

Position your needle at the starting point of your design, and turn the wheel on your machine to put the needle through the fabric and draw up your bobbin thread. Using your hands to move the fabric under the needle as you stitch around your design.

You do not need to re-start every time you want to change your position on the fabric. Simply raise your needle and presser foot to release the thread then reposition yourself before recommencing sewing. Trim off the joining threads after.


  • New Design: Made in Taiwan High-Quality Premium stainless steel, never broken.
  • Adjustable: It can adjustable so you can raise or lower the foot depending on the thickness of your ruler/template or the thickness of the sandwich quilt.
  • Special design:  With two "U" shape recesses, one on the front for sit-down free motion quilting and the other one on the side for stand-up quilting on the frame for better visibility.
  • Suitable for most domestic household sewing machines.
  • Choose suitable feet: Available for 2 types of the shank sewing machine (Low shank and High shank)
  • Open toe or Close toe An open toe foot can make it easier to see your stitching, and to thread the needle. The open toe version greatly improves the visibility of stitches and especially popular with quilters. The closed-toe foot is less likely to catch on something which has edges like multiple layers of applique or fringing.


  1.  Remove the ankle and Handiquilter Couching Presser Foot
  2. Bring the bobbin thread to the top by taking one stitch.
  3. Lower the presser foot.
  4. Sew, moving the fabric as desired to quilt the fabric, or create a free motion design. Move the fabric in a smooth motion, moving the fabric faster as the speed of the machine is increased. You are creating the length of the stitch as you move the fabric.


Low Shank Presser Foot: Approx. 2.5×1.2×1.8cm/0.98×0.47×0.71inch

High Shank Presser Foot: Approx. 2.8×1.2×2.8cm/1.1×0.47×1.1inch


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