Hinge Fortsner Drilling Tool

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Drill perfectly round sized holes easily!

Looking for a way to drill holes in wood to attach other furniture or decorations onto them? Want to drill perfectly round holes on wood or other soft surfaces? This product is for you!

This product features a mold in the middle which allows you to drill a perfectly round hole! To use the tool, slide it onto the surface that you'd like to drill on and secure its position with the tool itself. Then, attach the drill into the drill extension and drill away! With this, you'll be able to make perfectly round holes and attach any furniture or decorations that you'd like onto the surface!


  • Convenient: Allows you to make perfectly round holes on wood or any soft surfaces!
  • Easy to use: Simply assemble the tool and attach your drill into the middle part of the tool to drill a perfectly round hole!
  • Features a mold that allows you to drill 35mm-sized holes.
  • Features locks that allow you to secure the tool's position on the surface.


Size: Standard

Weight: 0.42kg

Package includes:

1 x Hinge Fortsner Drilling Tool


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