Defying The Laws Of Physics, Britain's Only Shaolin Monk he can stay above the ground

"It changed my life entirely! My leg was healed!"

Matt Tyson has been interested by martial arts since he was kid. He idolize Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and he dreamed of becoming a martial artist. At the age of 16, he decided to go to China for training Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple. He spend over 10 years there, following with very intense training. 

Everyone had high hopes for him, especially his father, so he promised his father that one day he would see his only son on the Hollywood screen. With that dream in mind, he trained day and night. But his dream was shattered when he turned 28 because he had the legs of a 70-year-old man.

Pushing himself too hard, his legs stopped working as they were supposed to, leaving him in a wheelchair with excruciating pain. That was the result of practicing Kung Fu for more than 10 years. Matt tried every unimaginable way to get back on his feet, but no amount of pain relievers or physical therapy could reverse the damage. Unable to learn more Kung Fu, he was forced to leave the Shaolin temple. He then returned home to his family at a time when he needed them the most. However, his father died suddenly shortly after due to a heart attack.

The day that changed his life

Matt's father death plunged him into a deep state of depression because of the thought of not keeping his promise to his father. At the funeral, Matt barely stayed the whole day. This caught the attention of a Chinese man who tapped him on the shoulder. Matt looked and saw his father's old friend (Chen Bo) who came to pay his last respects. He was surprised that this old man was still walking tall with strength.

As he know, the old man also practiced Kung Fu, but for over 60 years. So, Matt asked him:

"You are twice my age, but you are strong and healthy but I am in a wheelchair" 

"What's your secret?" 

Chen Bo then replied: 

"I was like you, I never took a break from Kung Fu"

"My body also couldn't handle the intensity"

"The next thing I knew, my legs had completely given up."

"I couldn't stand without feeling pain"

"I suffered for months and nothing seemed to work to relief  my pain"

the Cure

Chen Bo picked up his shoe and took out a piece of transparent silicone and told Matt:

"Believe it or not, this is the cure you've been looking for"

"It's called Hyfoot™.  Just put it on the bottom of your shoes and you're good to go"

"I've been using it for years, giving me the freedom to do the things I love again" 

Matt was skeptical at first. He thought to himself: "How could a ridiculous piece of silicone be the answer to the long-term pain?" So, he decided to do some research on Hyfoot™.

the secret of Hyfoot™

There was a lot of scientific evidence confirming the reliability of these templates. An article by Dr. Wang Zi said that he feet are the basis of our body. They support all of our body weight, balance us and absorb stress when walking but our feet are also the most forgotten part of the human body. That is why 3 out of 4 feet of people are not well served.

That's where Hyfoot™ comes in. Hyfoot™ inserts work the same way as dental braces by applying pressure to selected areas to reshape and realign our feet in the perfect anatomical position. Combining the ancient practice of reflexology with the technologies of the new age."

improve our Health!

"Each Hyfoot™ has 400 precisely placed acupuncture points that press on the sole of the foot, thus acting as a firm cushioning support while redistributing weight through the rest of the foot"

"To promote pain relief and blood circulation through its gentle but effective stimulation" "Forming a stable base again"

"Also, each pressure point is linked to different parts of our body" "So not only will foot pain subside with time, but our overall health will improve significantly."

Miracle Really Happens

With nothing to lose, Matt bought for a pair and prayed for a miracle. Day by day he notice some improvement. Soon, he found himself able to stand upright without any pain. He practiced walking and gradually able to do it with minimal help. Matt finally didn't need a wheelchair anymore. 

Slowly, he went back to Kung Fu. This time, he was stronger than before. He performed incredible stunts like never before while defying the laws of physics, he can stay above the ground while standing on a 45 degree monkey stick and also tricky action while swinging on the bars.

"Hyfoot™ makes me feel on top of the world"

"Thanks to this, I was given a second chance at life"

"To think that I almost had to give up my dream when the answer was only a pair of Hyfoot™"

"If only my father were here to see me now"

"I know he would be very proud of me"

"Hyfoot™ allows me to practice Kung Fu for the next few decades"  - Matt

Are you ready to relieve your body aches and become healthier like them? This can be achieved by simply sticking the patch under your feet. Your life will be changed with Hyfoot™ Insole!

No harm to give it a try.