Keep yourself healthy with itsuki kenko foot patch

The Most Convenient Solution for detoxification

The Itsuki Kenko Foot Patch is a medical foot patch that is used to efficiently detoxify the human body on a regular basis that was created based on an ancient Japanese technique of wrapping Dokudami herbs around a person's feet when they go to bed every night to detoxify themselves, and is made into a foot patch to improve accessibility in our current generation.

Studies on the effectiveness on Itsuki Kenko Foot Patch have shown the following:

 Relieves stress
 Reduces Anxiety
 Better Sleep
 Improved Blood Circulation

 Reduce Foot Pain
 Less prone to diseases
 Improved mood
 Alleviates Indigestion
 Less risk of cancer

 Calms emotions

Benefits of Itsuki Kenko Foot Patch's materials:

Vitamin C: Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues
Platycodon Grabdiflorum Extract: Effective in reducing cholesterol, which can be effective in blood related diseases and high blood pressure.
Grape Seed: Reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Made to allow detoxification of the human body overnight with minimal risk. 

how to use

Clean your skin before you put the patch on, and stick it on your feet overnight. 

Take note that this should not be used on damaged skin, or by pregnant women and children. You should stop using the product if there are allergic reactions too.

Each set has 10pcs.
* For best results, use daily


Best detox foot pads I've used!

"Best I have used...they keep me asleep and relieve muscle pain and keep ph balance. I swear by them! These ones are wider and have a larger amount of powder, making them more effective. They also stick to my foot better, which means more gunk on my foot when I remove it but I dont mind! I sleep like a baby with these on...all night and no interruptions!"

Landon Tillman, CA

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I'm a believer!

"I used this product in the past and 1st hand I truly can say it works. I used them daily till I didn't see anymore black. It works. When using make sure you wash off your feet dry them off. Then put them on. I personally used socks to hold them in place. I recommend using this product when you are getting ready for bed."

Mateo May, ny

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"For myself, I'm very underweight, so my toxins all congregate in my bones. The 1st night I used the pads, I woke up in the night with extreme pain in the bones of my legs, as the toxins were being pulled to my feet. I lathered my legs in Magnesium lotion which subsided the pain and was able to fall back asleep. The 2nd night, I put the Mag lotion on before bed so as to prevent the pain. By the 3rd night, I didn't need the lotion anymore because most of the toxins were already gone.

After that, as I kept using the pads, I noticed I started sleeping much better; my digestion improved a bit; and I had less headaches.

I highly recommend these detox foot patches and other like them."

Aryan Keller, va

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