Children's doctor suspended for misdiagnosis

Published on  december 1st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Samuel Houghton is a Pediatrician for more than 20 years, was suspended for misdiagnosis, that almost put a 6 year-old's life in grave danger.

On a regular day at work, a family barged into the hospital screaming his name.

"Dr. Houghton... Lizz... she collapsed all of a sudden!" - Lizz's father

The kid was immediately sent to the ER for emergency treatments.

cause of the misdiagnosis 

Afterwards, Dr. Houghton checked the kid’s medical records, only to find out that he had previously misdiagnosed the kid. He gave her medication that is far too strong for her body to handle.

"I must have been too exhausted on that day and lost my focus..."

"and accidentally mixed up her records with someone else's." 

- Dr. Houghton

It was a really close call...

Luckily, they managed to save the kid before it was too late.

When the parents found out, they sued the hospital for medical malpractice. As a result, the hospital had to pay a large sum of monetary compensation. Dr. Houghton's license was then suspended.

“Honestly, I can’t believe that I let such a diagnostic error happen."

"Lately I’ve been losing focus and often couldn’t think clearly.”

“It all started since my wife passed away. There’s been so much stress in my life, and the heavy workload at the hospital doesn't help as well."

"It's been quite a long time since I've had enough sleep at night.” - Dr. Houghton

He lost his wife, his job, and his sleep

Dr. Houghton had been working around the clock for many years, fatigue and tiredness as a result of insufficient sleep took a toll on him. His supervisors advised that he should take this chance to have some proper rest and recharge.

Which he did… except his mind couldn’t stop running. The overwhelming guilt over his mistake completely crushed him, causing him to have sleepless nights and dreadful days.

Dr. Houghton was determined to find ways to improve his sleep. He started with some relaxation trainings such as meditation and yoga, he even relied on medications and sleeping pills to help him sleep. 

Without any success, he invested in expensive cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, which did little to no positive impact to his problems.

Seeing all the suffering he had been going through, his son started seeking out for options to his aid.

Doctor's son saved the doctor

Dr. Houghton’s son, Ewan, is a medical student on his final academic year. When he was studying in the university library one day, he came across a book that has fallen in the cracks between bookshelves.

It was a medical book about ancient remedies to improve sleep.

According to the book, Lavender has an ancient history use for relaxation. Its clean and refreshing scent has a soothing effect that helps in relaxing, increases slow-wave sleep and promotes a restful sleep.

Ewan decided to extract the essence of Lavender according to the book, And diffuse the scent of Lavender extract during Dr. Houghton's sleep.

Dr. Houghton had his doubts, but he followed Ewan's instruction and tried it anyway.

“All I remember was feeling really exhausted, but the scent was pleasantly calming."

"After Lavender scent spread out in my room, I went to bed as usual."

"Surprisingly, I knocked off right away."

“Before I knew it, I woke up feeling extremely refreshed."

"I haven’t felt so well-rested and energized for years!” - Dr. Houghton

The secret behind

Very soon, Dr. Houghton managed to prove himself and get back to work again. Both Dr. Houghton and his son were amazed by the effect of this long-lost ancient remedy.

“According to research, 1 out of 3 Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis."

"Not only does it affect physical health, it indirectly affects the quality of life too.”

"Lavender has been widely used in all kinds of products due to its versatile benefits."

"It has become a world wide favorite due its refreshing scent"

"Which helps in fighting anxiety and combating insomnia."

“I believe we have found the key to a better sleep and better living."

"It can definitely help eliminate all the sufferings that comes with the lack of sleep.” - Ewan

The revolutionary decision

To make this more accessible to the public, the father-and-son duo led a team of experts and created L'avense™ Essential Oil.

The L'avense™ Essential Oil contains the purest essense of Lavender, which releases a wondrous aroma that calms the mind, effectively results in muscle relaxation, preventing sleep disruptions, enabling you to slip into deep sleep easily.

After conducting manyclinical trials, L'avense™ Essential Oil has been confirmed to work the best when diffused into the air during sleep. More than 99.48% of volunteers reported a restful and uninterrupted sleep while using L'avense™ Essential Oil.

Results proof them right

"I've been using L'avense™ myself until today."

"It definitely helps me to stay focus and have better performance in the hospital."

"I am no longer affected by the negative impacts caused by not having a good sleep at night,"

"And I hope this can help everyone around the world who suffers from insomnia like I did." 

- Dr. Houghton

Whether you know anyone who is suffering from stress and exhaustion or if you yourself are experiencing insomnia.

Let L'avense™ Essential Oil helps you get the rest you deserve.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, and say hello to a good night’s rest.

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