The Girl who Walks the night

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

A good night’s sleep is something most of us take for granted. However, it could be a real nightmare every single night for some people.

When everyone is asleep, Olivia's nightmare would start.

She has been sleepwalking most nights since she was three. She walked around, talked and did something without her conscious.

the sleepwalker

"Olivia laughs, you can hear a talking as if she's with another child in the room which could be quite scary."

"She jumped up in bed and started to act out strange, trashing her arms around"

"and that was quite distressing."

"We have to put pillows down the side of her bed when she was little." 

"My sleep and life was interrupted."

"I cried, I'm so tired and fed up for everyday."

"And I'm desperately trying to solve current situation but I can't."

"I hope that she's able to cope with it as she's getting older." - Mother

Olivia's health and safety concerned her mother. Her mother took her to the specialist.

The specialist had given her some medicine and prescribed a course of treatment.

Dig for a solution

To help Olivia get rid of sleepwalking, her family had tried multiple methods.

"I tried everything to get her to sleep well."

"Like story-telling, established bedtime routine, drank milk, nothing worked." - Mother

Even the specialist couldn't determine the cause. Until one day, Dr. Isabella, an expert in treating sleep problems with 25 years experience heard about Olivia's case.

Dr. Isabella invited Olivia and her family to the hospital. She suggested to conduct a detailed checkup and brain scans for Olivia. 

After running multiple tests, there was one that gave them some clues, as magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) showed Olivia had completely zero GABA levels.

"Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an extremely important chemical."

"Which produces a calming effect to decrease our brain activity and prepare us for sleep."

This cause explains Olivia's current condition, as she suffers from GABA deficiency disorder." Dr Isabella

Dr. Isabella had conducted a research in Comoros Island before, where she discovered the secret to sleep better than a baby. She thinks this might be the solution Olivia's family has been looking for.

an experience from the past

During Dr Isabella's  research in Comoros Island, she noticed everyone was able to sleep soundly. Even on the busy streets, noisy train stations, the noise never stop them from dreaming. 

Dr. Isabella found out about the habit of villagers who are using flower to bath.

"The villagers prepared a bathtub of bath water for me with a familiar floral scent."

"And surprisingly, I found myself asleep for hours after bathing."

"It was extremely difficult for me to take a nap previously."

"They showed me the floral herb used, and it was Ylang Ylang."

"Since they practice the bath with Ylang Ylang,"

"They acquired a super ability to fall asleep in just 3 seconds."

To help Olivia, Dr. Isabella brought the flower back from Comoros Island. Concentrated the essence of flowers in oil to make essential oils.

In just one week of applying the oil, her result was out of expectation. As her GABA levels reached the highest amount ever recorded among children, after another MRS scan!

Finally a good night

Olivia was finally sleep tight until morning!

"Now, she can sleep more than 10 hours a day!"

"She slept so well that her drool was all over the pillow."

"Night time, we put a few drops of the oil on her shirt before she go to bed."

"She always feels calm and sleepy instantly."

"We do really impress that a flower could has saved Olivia's life." - Mother

Ylang ylang flower

According to Dr Isabella, Ylang Ylang is a rare and fragrant flower native to Madagascar.

"It contains a series of compounds that promote tranquility and sleep."

"And the most important compound is in its petals"

"It is a natural component that works the same as anxiolytics,"

"By exerting sedative and calming effects on our brain,"

"It quickly stop excessive activity in the amygdala, the part of our brain that responsible for stress and emotions,"

"Allowed Olivia to fall asleep quickly and even progress to deep sleep after each application." - Dr Isabella

Dr Isabella wish to help more people who suffered a similar sleeping condition like Olivia.

She began to develop an improved solution using the latest steam distillation method. After months of testing and correction, she created LYang™.


"Made with the purest and most concentrated Ylang oil extracted from its petals."

"The high content of natural component in LYang™ will increase your GABA level,"

"So that your thoughts stop spinning in circles at night,"

"Allowing you to take control and put your mind at rest in an instant."

"Scent of LYang™ rapidly passes through the sensory neurons in your nose."

"Your brain will initiate a process of calm for your mind and nervous system,"

"Allowing us to fall asleep quickly and preparing ourselves to enter the stage of deep sleep,"

"Just by massaging LYang™ on your temples or inhaling the scent once before going to sleep."

"You will be able to experience a high quality restful sleep every night,"

Since its official launch, LYang™ has been approved as the best natural sleep aid by the National Sleep Foundation and it has successfully helped out more than 900,000 people around the world with their sleep problems.

Customers are giving high positive feedback:

"I have been suffered from insomnia for many years."

"I was tossing and turning in bed so much that my wife and I had to sleep in different rooms."

"I tried to lower the temperature, to meditate, to change my diet and to take sleeping pills."

"But all of them failed and some even gave me side effects."

"So things changed after trying LYang™,

"I was able to fall asleep in 5 minutes since the first day I applied it."

"Even my wife surprised that I slept before her."

"Finally, I no longer woke up in the middle of the night due to small noises, which allowed me to go back to sleep with my wife."

"All thanks to LYang™, who has provided me with countless nights of restful sleep."

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