Metal Cutting Disc

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Metal Cutting process is essential in construction, renovation or home improvement. However, a heavy metal cutting saw is quite inconvenient to use and less flexible in cutting metal for different shapes or curvy lines. 

Now, you can get this Metal Cutting Disc to do a better and more flexible metal cutting with an angle grinder. An angle grinder's Metal Cutting Blade is more portable and flexible to do small cuts or irregular shapes cuts. 

  • Metal Sheets, Metal Studs, Metal Rods
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Aluminum, auto body panels, Cast Iron, Copper pipe
  •  Corrugate Roofing, Drywall, Ductile Iron Pipe, Fire Door, Masonry, Plastic, PVC

Special Features:

  • Dry Cutting Without Water
  • Vacuum Brazed Technology
    • Premium diamond grains are permanently brazed to the edge of steel core
    • Unbreakable and extremely heat resistant segments
  • Core coated with abrasive grains
    • Smooth cutting
    • Reduced heat generating
  • Heavy Duty
    • Diameter Retention 
    • Low Tear Off Rate

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  • Diameter: 115mm/4.5" ,
  • Thickness of segment: 3mm,
  • Bore: 25.4mm(1") with pin hole.

Package Include:

1 * Metal Cutting Disc