Metal Studs Nailless Crimper

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Using driller, screws or nails are too slow & costly.

Metal Studs Nailless Fastening Crimper is an effective tool for fastening metal studs together without screws or rivets. This new version of Metal Studs Nailless Fastening Crimper has extended 10 inch size allows the user extra leverage for easier operation.

Operating Method: 

  1. Squeeze handles together with one hand while holding stud in place.
  2. The punch and die shape creates a rectangular crimp, bending over thicknesses of channel and stud at the same time to form a sturdy bond.
  3. Spring loaded with non slip handle.

  • TIME SAVER: No need spend time to drill and fasten screw one by one and cut down installation time by 70%. 
  • ✅ Made with high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and ABS Plastic. It can give you enough intensity and a longer lifetime.
  • MONEY SAVER: No screws or nails used that will save up cost and time.
  • ✅ One hand work that will enable free up another hand for holding or doing other works.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Dimensions: As pictures shown.(approx)
Total length: 25cm(9.84in)
Throat depth: 1-1/2'' deep
Jaw opening: 1/4''
Max capacity: 22ga. metal
Color: Silver+Green+Yellow
Quantity: 1 pc

Package includes:

1 x Metal Studs Nailless Fastening Crimper