youngest Boy to enroll in the world’s top university

Published on  december 1st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Carl Stevenson, who was born with learning disabilities, made it into the world's top university on his 14. He aspires to change the world with Math.

Behind his extraordinary achievement lies a compelling tale.

He's not only a genius, he was a survivor. His story began when he was found a baby beside the dumpster.

he was a burden

When Carl was a baby, he was found beside the garbage. As he was diagnosed with learning disabilities, his parents treated him as a burden and decided to abandon him. 

He survived a cold night and was luck enough to be adopted by a garbage collector and raised in a garbage center. He became the life and light amongst the garbage collectors, making the mundane job more meaningful for his dad and fellow colleagues.

When Carl was 5 years old, it was time for him to attend school. Within the first year of school, his dad received complaints from teachers.

"Carl had trouble learning and focusing in class."

"He kept hitting people, disturbing the class,"

"ultimately delaying the class’ progress as a whole."

"He was also a constant target for bullies for being the son of a garbage man."

"It would be best for him to go to special schools instead." - Teacher

His dad thought it was just a child thing to be active and playful...until the doctors said otherwise.

Diagnosed with ADHD

Carl was diagnosed with ADHD. Doctors said that he couldn’t sit still or focus for more than 7 minutes, and he wouldn’t be able to properly learn in his lifetime.

Everyone gave up on him, but his dad wouldn’t accept it. Carl’s dad tried all ways to help Jimmy: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social skills training, along with medication and supplements, but nothing worked.

Despite that, Carl’s dad was determined to ensure that Carl had access to education, so that Carl could have a better life than him.

One day, on his usual round of duty, the last stop was the house of a learning specialist. Carl’s dad bravely approached the learning specialist, Amanda.

"When he came to me, I saw the sadness and determination in his eyes."

"I was deeply touched by his story and effort to ensure education in Carl’s life."

"Even though not blood-related, he still sees Carl as his own and tries to provide Jimmy the best he could."

"That’s why I decided to tutor Carl for free." - Amanda

Turning Point of his life

Carl started going for lessons in Amanda’s house. While he was there, the house was filled with the scent of peppermint. Gradually, Carl became calmer and more attentive.

"Whenever I smell it, I felt more relaxed and focused."

"Since then, I manage to learn things very quickly."

"I was literally like a sponge, soaking up everything I see."

"It felt like a part of my brain has been opened up." - Carl

The smell of peppermint came from Mindeus™ Essential Oil.

Amanda puts some into a diffuser as aromatherapy whenever she needs to focus.

The Mindeus™

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After a number of tutoring sessions, Amanda noticed Carl’s strength in Mathematics.

Became A math genius

At age 11, Carl was able to solve tough math problems even Mathematics graduates can’t solve. Amazed by his talent, Amanda brought Carl to an open Mathematics competition.

Surprisingly, Carl won the competition, topping graduates and professors from prestigious universities. Now, the bullied kid who once had learning disabilities was accepted into FIVE prestigious universities, including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia and more.

Carl will be heading to Harvard Mathematics Department at the young age of 14! As he reflects on his growth, Carl credits his dad for not giving up on him and thanks his tutor for seeing the potential in him.

Results proof them right

"Given my rocky journey, I aspire to pursue a career in theoretical physics,"

"in hopes to aid in the future of space travels."

"More importantly, I hope my story can prove that everybody can be somebody."

"No one is too young to change the world."

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