Parallel Stitch Presser Foot

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Line your stitches up effortlessly!

The Parallel Stitch Presser Foot is used for sowing evenly spaced rows of stitching. With this item, you will be able to sow borders and other decorative stitch embellishments while keeping your sowing completely straight. 

The Parallel Stitch Presser Foot has vertical markings that can be used as references when sowing several rows of stitching so that they line up perfectly.

To use the foot, attach the foot to the presser foot holder, and sow the first row of stitches. Now, align the first row of stitching either between or on the red guideline markings on the foot depending on the desired distance from the first row of stitching.

Sow the next row of stitches using the red guideline as a reference. Align the two rows sown following the red guideline markings on the foot depending on the desired distance between the rows of stitching. Continue the steps for as many rows as you desire!


  • Fits most household sewing machines.
  • Perfect for sewing enthusiasts.
  • Allows you to line up your stitches effortlessly.


Material: Plastic

Package includes:

1 x Parallel Stitch Presser Foot


1. Due to different monitor and light effect, there might be a slight difference in color between the actual item and item shown in the pictures.

2. There might be a minor deviation in the length due to manual measurement.