Pleating Presser Foot

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Create beautiful wrinkles as you sew!

Are you looking for ways to create pretty wrinkles on your fabric when you’re sewing? Do you want an easier or more convenient way of creating wrinkles when you sew? Look no further, this product is perfect for you!

The Pleating Presser Foot allows you to create pretty wrinkles on your fabric as you sew! You won’t even need to worry about the thickness of your fabric, as the Pleating Presser Foot allows adjustments so it’ll work on all types of fabric thickness. To use it, simply attach the presser foot onto your sewing machine and sew away! Your fabric will have beautiful wrinkles by the time you finish sewing.


- Adjustable: The Pleating Presser Foot allows you to adjust it for single needle, flat sewing machines.

- Durable and sturdy: Made of quality steel, allowing it to last longer than a regular presser foot.

- Suitable for both thin and thick fabrics, allowing you to create beautiful fabric shirring.

- Fits most industrial sewing machine.


Size:  3.7*1.2*3.3cm

Weight: 0.02kg

Package includes:

1 x Pleating Presser Foot


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