Pocket Case Reusable Bag

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It's time to help save the environment & reduce our plastic waste! Simple steps like using a reusable shopping bag can make a lot of difference.

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Always carry one around with you by choosing one that’s easy to pack up and keep in your bag all the time.

The Pocket Case Reusable Bag can be a great way to help you stick to your environment-friendly pledge. It makes sure that you always have it handy, whether in your pocket, your bag or your belt loop. It lets you reuse your bag multiple times and maximize its purpose.

  • 3 SECOND ROLL UP: A simple pull lets you pack up your bag in just 3 seconds. It lets you easily have it ready for your next use.
  • A COMPACT CASE WITH HOOK: The case allows you to neatly pack your shopping bag by simply rolling it up into the case. It also comes with a hook that lets you clip on to your belt loop, your bag, even your bike! No more excuses of forgetting to bring them or taking up space in your personal bag.
  • REUSE MULTIPLE TIMES: It’s finally time to stop single-use items even if they’re brown bags or plastic bags. Reuse this shopping bag multiple times, as long as you can to help lessen plastic waste into the ocean.
  • EASY CARRY SLING BAG: Having a shopping bag that allows you to sling it over your shoulders helps you continue to move around hands-free. Perfect for parents who have their kids along, for bikers, commuters, and for those big shopping days where you literally can have your hands full.
  • LARGE CARRYING CAPACITY: You can maximize the capacity of the bag up to 15L depending on how small or big the items can be. It’s easy to move them around inside as the material is non-structured and will just follow the shape of your shopping items.
  • DURABLE FOR HEAVYWEIGHT: It can carry up to 10kg weight. Heavy items can be easily carried with this bag such as flour, canned goods, and bottles.

Let your shopping experience become more convenient, more eco-friendly and hassle-free. It’s time to make that pledge of ditching disposable bags become a habit. Get this Pocket Case Reusable Bag and help yourself follow through on caring for the environment!

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Pocket Case Reusable Bag