Poultry Cage Pliers

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Make Fencing Work Easy

Poultry Cage Pliers is an essential tool especially when you need to work on rabbit cages, poultry cages, building chicken runs, quail cages, bird cages and so on. It is certainly a handy tool as it is easy to use like a stapler, clamp tightly. No need to feed the nails frequently

This pliers will help you quickly assemble the bulk mesh to a bird or rabbit cage. This pliers function 20 times faster than common jaw pliers!


  • Reliable and durable: Non-slip insulated handles for comfort grip.
  • Wide application: Ideal for nailing/tying/fixing for pet-cages, breeding cages, wire mesh, mattresses and more
  • Speedy one-handed operation: Designed to enable semi-automatic insertion of metal loop fasteners to link together fencing, staple meshes, and secure cages.


  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Clip Head Length: 18cm
  • Weight: 160g


1 x Poultry Cage Pliers


1 Box x M-Shaped Nails