Quick Pivoting Coupler

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Upgrade the lousy water hose in your garden to a super strong pressure washer now!

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Increase the water pressure from the average garden hose into a super efficient pressure water by just installing the Quick Pivoting Coupler!

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Install the Quick Pivoting Coupler on your hose & enjoy the pleasure of a super strong water stream gives! It may withstand & create up to 4500 PSI of water pressure effortlessly!

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The Quick Pivoting Coupler is also fully rotatable, allowing a wider range of spraying action without having you to move around! It comes with 7 different nozzle colored each in a unique color to differentiate its usage. You would definitely not want to miss the opportunity to get yourself a Quick Pivoting Coupler!

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  • Pink - Soap mode (Jet Stream Tips)
  • Blue - Rinse mode (Jet Stream Tips)
  • Red - Areas That Are High & Hard to Reach; Clean Crevices In Sidewalks or Driveways.
  • Yellow 15° - Use On Concrete, Brick & Other Hard Surfaces With Stubborn Stains
  • Green 25° - Use On Painted Surfaces, Wood Siding, Fences & Lawn Mowers
  • White 40° - Use On Windows & Screens
  • Black 65° - Use to Spray Soaps & Detergents

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  • 7 Different Spraying Mode / Angle
  • Withstand Up to 4500 PSI
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Adjustable Spraying Angle 


  • 1 x Quick Pivoting Coupler
  • 7 x Power Washing Nozzle