Quick Splice Wire Connector

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Are you still using the old way to soldering the wire?

Introducing Quick Splice Wire Connector, a simple and easy way to add extra wires onto difficult to reach wiring looms. The connectors are used during installation, control, measurement. For most in the automotive electrical, this means a crucial relief installation does not need any cables to cut strips or redirected.

The cables to be joined are placed inside the snap-lock connector, the cover is pushed home with a pair of pliers and locks shut, thus completing the connection. The metal blade cuts into the insulation of both wires and completes the connection Idea when soldering solutions are not suitable. 


  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Without stripping wire, slide the connector over the existing cable add the new wire and squeeze with a pair of pliers then click the flap shut.
  • WIDELY USED: Widely used in the wire connection for household and industrial purposes. Ideally used in marine and automobile applications.
  • DURABLE and LONG LASTING: Made from excellent insulated and fire-retardant PVC materials and high purity copper, good insulation, and conductivity.
  • SAFETY: This Quick connector is used to connect the junction lines, it suitable for testing with wires, and a disconnected connection is used to facilitate the safe connection of wires.


  1. Insert the wire into the connector.
  2. Use the pliers to bend the connector. And then squeeze it together until it is blocked
  3. Insert the wire into the fork connector and fix it to fix the wire
  4. Insert the fork connector directly into the tap. So a secure connection is over. Start your electric project!


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