Quilling Tower (5Pcs)

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Quilling Tower (5 Pcs/Set)

Do you love to do artwork? Looking for some special crafts? Quilling paper art might be a great idea for you to explore on handicrafts! There are many interesting tools that can be applied to quilling paper art. Hereby introduce you the Quilling Tower!
This Quilling Tower set comes with 5 different shapes of mold, which can create different sizes and design patterns. By using this tool your work is more effective and easier.  

In addition, Quilling Tower is durable and sturdy. You can easily remove the quilled paper from the mold. So, u
nleash your imagination now!

Product Features:

Multi Shapes:
This Quilling Tower comes with 5 different shapes (Triangular, Square, Willow, Drop of Water, Round), you can make a variety of patterns and sizes. It helps you to improve the process efficiency and thus you can make the quilling artwork easier.

High Quality Material:
These quilling borders are made of high quality plastic material, ABS plastic which is durable and sturdy. Various standard shapes of gradient size, which can overlap different shapes of concentric patterns.

Easy to Use:
Though these Quilling Towers do not have a handle, those are large enough to keep the quilling loops. Easy to remove quilled paper from the forms. Good for cards, packaging decoration, decorative painting, ornaments, etc.

Stimulate imagination:
Quilling Tower is suitable for all DIY lovers no matter adults or children. Stimulate your imagination, developing intelligence, exercising the ability to use hands and brain when using Quilling Tower. 

Product description:

Material: ABS Plastic 
Color: Blue, orange, pink, green, red
Package included: 1 set of Quilling Tower (5 Pcs)