97 year-old lady reveals her "youth secret" that allow her to skydive from an altitude of more than 13500 feet

Published on Friday, AUGUST 10th, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

"If you could relief your back pain and knee pain issue within days, without any dangerous pills or surgeries, would you want it?"

Maileen Beverly is 97 years old, but her body and soul is forever 21. It all comes down to what she calls her "Youth Secret."

“It is life changing! I’m 97 but I’m bursting with energy!”

Now , Maileen wants to share her tried and true ways to remain youthful and pain-free.

Maileen's story begins at 20 years old when her first contact with parachuting during the Indochina War. By her 23s, she broke thefree-fall altitude record, by jumping from an altitude of 8700 meters, opening her parachute at only 408 meters. 

After this, she was performing all over the world.

The horrible incident...almost ruined her

One day, as usual, Maileen prepared for the charity jump at California. She didn't notice that her straps of harness appeared to be loose. When she jump out from the plane, the loose harness resulting her back move downward and she lose her balance to open her parachute in time.

“ For the first time, I felt so close to death.”

Fortunately, the parachute deploys and the Maileen lands. But this incident resulting her back and knee severely injured. 

Her doctor told Maileen to stop the skydive activity for the sake of her back when she was 78.  

Due to the tremendous amount of pain in her back and knee, resulting her barely to walk and even need the walker to support her. The worst was she cannot accept the fact that she unable to skydive again. 

Therefore, Maileen sank into a permanent state of grief. 

Quitting Was Never an Option

“ I will always by your side, all you need to do is never give up of your life”

With the support of Maileen's husband, she gained the confident and made a promise to him and herself: 

“ I will skydive until my last breath no matter what.”

Until that point, Maileen had tried almost everything. She went for physical therapy, took medications, and even tried traditional medicine… but NOTHING WORKED!

When Maileen about to give up, her doctor threw her a birthday surprise and introduced her to a specialist doctor, who recently made a profound discovery in the spine field.

The Best Surprise Ever

Dr Erica Salvatol was extremely touched by Helen’s fragile resilience. He decided to surprise her with his breakthrough discovery in Heat Therapy.

A lot of doctors treat back pain all wrong. Every year, they send 70,000 people for expensive spine surgeries claiming that their patient’s spine are damaged beyond repair. This is simply not true!

After 47 years of treating over 60,000 patients, many of whom can’t afford surgery and just ignore and suffer from their pain, I noticed that all my patients would respond well to heat therapy.

Constant heat dramatically speeds up the back pain healing ability. Think of your lower backbone pain result from strains and over-exertions. Creating tension in the muscles and soft tissues around the lower spine. 

When these problem areas are given the proper support and blood circulation, they can avoid such ailments.

Heat therapy can increase blood flow and breaks up scar tissues. It gathers all the oxygen and nutrients needed for cell-tissue regeneration and restores flexibility to your back bone spine.

Since it's not practical to ask my patients to come in every day for heat therapy, Icame up with a special back bone patch.  It is the only self-heating backbone patch that can penetrate deep into tissues.

- Dr Erica

He calls it The Relaxpac™

Relaxpac™ is made with the all-natural medicinal wormwood herb. It uses optimum heat stimulation to soothe pain and promote healing, bringing instant pain relief and allowing you to regain control of your backbone and able to walk again 

“It is easy to apply and comfortable with your back because of the design made with rounded corners and ultra-soft fabric, " Best of all, it works for a wide spectrum of back issues, such as joint stiffness and aches with muscle pain.” 

- Dr. Erica

Patients who have tried it reported instant relief from back and hip pain, knee pain, feet pain, neck pain, and even migraines!

Maileen give Relaxpac™ a try straightaway!

And what happened next was nothing short of a miracle...

A Shocking Breakthrough In Pain-Relief

" Just 2 days after first using it, my back and knee become noticeably less sore"

"At the end of the week, my spine felt extremely limber and the shooting pains disappeared."

"By 2 weeks, I was able to walk again without my walker for the first time in years!"

"In 1 month, I was able to re-join the Aeroclub and attend the training for skydive!" - Maileen

Even Dr Erica were in shock with the result of Maileen!

Her Unstoppable Recovery

Maileen’s teammates were surprised at her amazing recovery. One of them told us:

"Maileen came back a new force."

"She really inspired all of us that age is just a number!" - Sivly Young

Maileen celebrated her 97st birthday this year and is still counting her skydive days and she is aiming to break the record of oldest Solo Parachute jump this year too!

“You don’t stop being active because you age, you age because you stop being active!”

"I'm grateful I found Relaxpac™ to support my activity." - Maileen

Youth Secret

Maileen is now eager to show the rest of the world the ultimate cure for back pain. She hopes to bring about a positive change to the lives of many.

New research shows that staying active can extend life expectancy by up to 20 years. As people age, 1 in 3 of them start adopting a sedentary lifestyle due to knee problems.

Don’t let your back troubles keep you from along and fulfilling life!