Roller Plasma Cutter Guide

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A circular plasma cutter guide that can support your welding work and help you to cut a precise circle or straight line on the metal easily!

This circular plasma cutter guide allows for easy cutting of straight lines, curves, radii, and circle with minimal finishing. The versatile center mount allows you to center the cutting guide for circle and radii using either a punch or drilling a hole.

This cutter guide can save a lot of time on your work to measuring the size of the circle, it is a good choice and good protection function for you when doing welding work. 

Made of copper raw material with fine processing. Suitable for plasma cutting of machine tool.


[Easy to attach and use]: This cutter guide is very easy and convenient to use, it is perfect to keep the metal of shapes.

[High Quality Material]: Made of high quality copper, the old style is made of brass, we have updated models with stainless steel, not easy to rust and more convenient to use.

[Supporting Your Welding]: The combination of proven welding equipment, welding metal is important, but sometimes you need a fast, accurate wat to cut the stuff. That's where plasma cutting comes into its own.

[Functional]: PT-31/40 Model. Extend the life of the top and electrode, positioning rod NC manufacturing to ensure product center vertical.


Material: Copper

Model: PT31/40

Dimension: 30*30*40cm

Package Included: 1* Circular Plasma Cutter Guide