Sewing Machine Ruffler Presser Foot

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Simply Curls the fabric.

 With Sewing Machine Ruffler Presser Foot, you can create ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness, evenly spaced tucks, and gathers for home dec pillows and curtains. You can also create great trims with purchased ribbons. Single-hole needle plate makes this foot perfect for ruffling lightweight fabrics as well.

4 Settings available: Star, 12, 6, and 1; It represents how many stitches between each pleat or ruffle- the star gives you a straight stitch so that you don’t have to remove the foot in the middle of a project just to sew a straight seam.


  • The ruffler is adjustable and becomes indispensable when the amount of gathering needs to be controlled exactly- Instead of spending hours measuring, folding and pinning pleats, use it for sewing small pleats and gathering on a single layer of fabric, as well as pleated ruffles.
  • You can control both the depth of each pleat and the distance between pleats. It is particularly useful when long rows of the gathering are required such as in Home Dec projects.
  • Wide applications: Fits for most of low shank sewing machines which have needle position; Use them as a fashion accent on blouses and dresses, as the border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts, etc. You can also create great trims with purchased ribbons
  • Easy to use: The knob changes how deep the pleat or ruffle is. For smaller pleats, tighten it. For larger pleats, loosen it. You can also adjust the pleats by varying the stitch length on your sewing machine


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