Soldering Iron Tips Complete Set

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These tips are made from copper and not electroplated, easy to tin and diamagnetic, suitable for lower temperature soldering. There are total 5 shapes of soldering tips in this set and you can choose the proper one for different soldering needs.

Don't leave your iron running for hours and hours if you are not using it. This can make the tip get black oxide cover. Try to tin the tip as it heats. If you leave it on too long or run it too hot it will burn off the solder and go black again. These soldering tips are suitable for soldering stations.

Bevel Tips (3C)
  • large surface - can hold more tin
  • suitable for works required pre-loading tin soldering
  • can use to connect 2 wires together
Knife Tips (K)
  • can use to precise desoldering
  • fixing solder bridges
  • soldering just like writing
Chisel Tips (2.4D)
  • Screwdriver lookalike tip
  • Better transfer of heat with moderate heating surface
  • Use for narrow and moderate space
Needle Tips (L and B)
  • For general soldering
  • Suitable for small area and narrow space
  • Works that require little tin soldering


  •  Material: Copper
  • Type: Lead-free
  • Temperature Range: 200-480°
  • Shape: 5Pcs/Package (I+B+K+2.4D+3C)
  • Suitable for: soldering station
  • Quantity: 5 Pcs/1 lot


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