Tile Leveler Spacer (50pcs)

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Efficient & User-Friendly Tool For Tile Installation

Annoy with moving tiles during tile installation?

Can't stand with the popping tiles from the floor or wall?

These are the common problems in tile installation. The issues with tile layout is indeed irritating. To overcome these issues, the brand new Tile Leveler Spacer is introduced. With this user-friendly tool, it helps to speed up the tile installation process effectively.



Great Tool For Tile Installation

  • Improve the speed for tile installation
  • Reduce the installers' fatigue and stress
  • Reduce the need for grinding and polishing
  • Ensure flatness between tiles to avoid unevenness
  • Prevent tiles from moving while curing


Install and Uninstall with Smooth Turn

Easy to use in DIY operation



  • Tile Leveling Adjust Tool: Great tools for floor and wall setup. Ensuring the complete flatness between the tiles.

  • Wear-Resistant & Reusable T-Pins: Made of high quality stainless steel with high durability and not easy to curve. 

  • Perfect Tile Leveling System: Accommodate for precise adjustment despite the uneven tiles. 

  • Suitable Tile Thickness: 3mm - 16 mm

  • Suitable Tile Gap: 2mm or above

  • How to Use: Refer to the picture


Brand Name: Wenzhou Xuan Xuan Plastic

Origin: CN 

Type: Tile Leveler (DIY and Professional tile layers)

Model: XZ01 

Material: PP, stainless steel

Size: 67 * 34 * 18mm  

Weight: 8g/pcs

Color: Orange+Black

Package Includes:

1 x Tile Leveler Spacer (50 pcs)




1 x Adjustable Wrench




1. At least 2mm gap is recommended.

2. Clean the workspace before the installation.

3. Disassemble the Tile Leveler Spacer before the complete dry out of the cement and tile glue after 4 to 6 hours of installation.